HOLLYWOOD—It’s the semifinals on “Dancing With The Stars” on Week 9 and there was yet again another double elimination. The couples danced twice Monday night, the first being a trio dance. Where the stars have a member of the DWTS’s dance troupe as an extra partner.

The night kicked off with Paige and Mark. They danced the Samba. Len thought Paige started with “a show stopper.” Bruno called Paige “Queen of the Jungle,” and thought she became the “star attraction.” Carrie Ann thought she was “unstoppable, and thought the ‘samba was on fleek.'” The judges awarded them a perfect score of 30/30. For their second dance it was the Argentine Tango. Len thought the choreography was brilliant. Bruno thought that the routine had an excellent technique. Carrie Ann thought the routine was “very sexy,” and “powerful.” The judges awarded them a score of 29/30. Both scores were combined and they received 59/60 for the night.

Next to dance was Nyle and Peta. They danced the Jive. Len thought some parts of the routine were a bit hectic. Bruno thought the dance was charming. He also thought Nyle lost timing due to the difficult choreography. Carrie Ann thought the routine was difficult but gave credit to Nyle for his effort. The couple received a 27/30. Their second dance was the Argentine Tango. During some of the routine Nyle was blindfolded. He did it to challenge himself. Len thought Nyle never stops to cease to amaze him. Bruno was mesmerized by the routine and thought it was the performance of the night. The couple received a 30/30. giving them a combined score of 57/60.

Ginger and Val danced the Paso Doble. Both Bruno and Carrie Ann told Ginger that she lost balance during the routine. Len thought the routine had “full of attack and aggression.” He thought the dancing was amazing. The judges gave them a score 27/30. For their second performance they danced the quickstep. The couple had a live performance by Leona Lewis while they danced. Bruno thought the dance was superb. Carrie Ann thought the routine was a beautiful interpretation to the song. Carrie Ann also pointed out that their was a little slip up during the routine. The couple received a score of 29/30. Their total scores for the night were 56/60.

Sharna and Antonio danced the Argentine Tango for their first performance. Bruno thought Antonio had the “confidence of a lion tamer,” and that he beautifully handled Sharna during their lift in the performance. Carrie Ann “loved the intensity of movement.” Carrie Ann thought Antonio’s arms needed to be elongated more. Len disagreed with Carrie Ann and thought the couple did a great job. The couple received a 27/30. For their second dance they tackled contemporary. Bruno thought the dance was magnificent. He also thought the “connection with Sharna was off the charts.” Carrie Ann was at a loss for words. She also thought their was “something so spectacular.” Len called Antonio’s lift in the routine the “most spectacular lift” ever. He received a 28/30 and they earned a combined total score of 55/60.

At the end, the first couple announced to be safe from elimination were Ginger and Val. The next couple to be safe were Nyle and Peta followed by Paige and Mark. The couples that were eliminated were both Antonio and Sharna and Wanya and Lindsay.