BEVERLY HILLS—Prince’s yellow cloud electric guitar will be going up for auction. The auction will be held by Heritage Auction in Beverly Hills with bids starting at $30,000. The guitar is notable for being in Prince’s “Cream,” and “Gett Off” music videos. The guitar is apart of a series of customized guitars Prince used in the 1980s and 1990s. According to Entertainment Weekly, another yellow electric guitar is at the National Museum of American History located in Washington, DC.

Other items that will be sold at the auction include an original demo tape by Prince which features the songs “Just as Long as We’re Together,” “My Love is Forever,” and some of Prince’s record
award sales. The current holder of the one unique yellow cloud electric guitar is Richard Lecce who is selling his back to Heritage Auction.

“Unfortunately, as morbid as it is, when people pass, their items become more valuable,” Lecce said. “I think something as valuable as this could be too risky to continue to have in my possession,” he added.

The guitar features a serial number and comes with a letter of authenticity from Prince’s guitar technician Zeke Clark along with seven Prince guitar picks. Clark noted that the guitar’s neck was broken in France in 1994 and was repaired.

“This Yellow Cloud guitar was Prince’s main guitar & used in most of his early videos & touring performances & album recordings. From around 1988-1994,” said Clark.

The bidding for the guitar starts June 6 and goes until June 24 . To check out pictures and information on the guitar visit Heritage Auction’s website at