SANTA MONICA—New plans have been unveiled to update the look of a housing unit in Santa Monica, which will be just west of Lincoln Boulevard, and the developer is known in the area for constructing buildings that have turned some heads.

WS Communities and designer KFA Architecture are still attempting to get the project cleared by the Architectural Review Board after initially presenting it to them in May 2019. They have now added updates to that presentation from over a year ago.

This specific complex is located at 1514 7th Street, which looks to compliment the other two affordable housing requirements, located at 1543 7th Street and 1425 5th Street. Just like the former, these two complexes lack on-site automobile parking.

Some of the updates made to the complex at 1514 7th Street include a brand new color scheme along with relocated balconies while a rooftop terrace got moved to the west side of the structure, which gives a much better view of the ocean not too far away.

Additionally, the construction of the project includes an 84-foot tall mixed-use project, which is comprised of ground floor which will be both commercial and residential, as well as seven residential floors above that. There will also be two subterranean basement levels with private storage and bike parking.

According to the report submitted by the staff of the Architectural Review Board, they would like the front elevation of the building simplified, the material palette expanded, a bigger site gesture at the front elevation, the balconies recessed to relate to the corner balconies, providing more open space to the roof area and providing a better ocean view.

On top of apartment complexes like this one, WS Communities has at least 20 other development projects lined up in the Santa Monica area. They also have plenty of mixed-use buildings that will be on 7th Street between Broadway Avenue and Colorado Avenue. These units will be both market-rate and affordable housing apartments.