BEL AIR—Billionaire Elon Musk is financing five California Mansion via Morgan Stanley with close to $50 million in mortgages. Four of those properties are located in Bel Air.

According to Bloomberg, the debt on the properties is a total of $180,000 per month for Musk. He took out loans for four of his homes in Bel Air, and one located in the San Francisco Bay.

All of the loans represent new debt, with the exception of the first home Musk purchased in 2012 that is 1.7-acres and sits above the Bel Air Country Club. In 2013, he bought a home next door to turn into a private school for his kids and their friends.

Musk purchased two more Bel Air properties in 2015. In 2017, he bought a home in Bel Air for $24.3 million. A few weeks ago, Musk purchased a property for $6.4 million.