HOLLYWOOD—When the “True Blood” cast resumes filming their fourth season of the HBO hit vampire series in December, executive producer Domiziano Arcangeli will be guiding the actors through our paces on the Malibu and Bel Air sets of his new vampire flick “Twilight of the Gods.” Just on the heels of news that new Hollywood leading man Thomas Flannery has been cast as the leading man and chief vampire in the film, word has come that the star Emma Fitzpatrick has been cast as Claire. Fitzpatrick brings an elegance to the screen that hasn’t been seen since Grace Kelly graced the movie theaters in the 1950s.

Emma is a mixture of Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. The exotic beauty can be seen on the big screen currently in the biggest hit of 2010 “The Social Network.” She’s also set to star in “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.” This young actress is the next hottest find in Tinseltown. Producer Arcangeli refers to Emma as, “an American princess. She was fantastic with Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield in ”˜The Social Network’ and when people see her on the screen in ”˜Twilight of the Gods’ they will be mesmerized by her beauty and charm.”

After winning acclaim in one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters of the year, the talented star is prepared for her close up on the vampire film set. She rounds out the top leading cast, and I am still very excited to be joining them later this month and in December to prove that the sexiest and hottest vampires are not in Bon Temps or Forks, Wash., but in Beverly Hills and Malibu. Director Kern Saxton is prepping the cast for what is expected to be the vampire hit of 2011. Look out Bill and Sookie, Charles and Claire are also rising from the dead. Sherman Oaks reader Wendy Fumijori said, “I am a huge fan of ”˜True Blood’ and am looking forward to this film you are in Tommy. Will you be a vampire, werewolf or shape shifter? Vampires in the hills and canyons of Los Angeles? Who knew? I can’t wait to see you as Thommaso and wow, this actress Emma Fitzpatrick is as glamorous as Jackie O!”

Our executive producer Domi Arcangeli is known as an actor’s producer, because he is an actor himself. On Thursday, Domiziano received word from his native Italy that he won Best Lead Actor at the 2010 TENEBRIA Film Festival for his role in “House of Flash Mannequins.” Canyon News spoke with the award winning performer who said, “I am very grateful to everyone, Tommy. It’s a wonderful honor and will be my motivation to get the best performances out of all of you in our upcoming film.”

“Twilight of the Gods” will debut on the silver screen in 2011.

Photographs Courtesy: Emma Fitzpatrick by Empire Films and Tommy Garrett by Steven Bergman Photography and Inbar Television Productions