HOLLYWOOD—”The Revenant” cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki won his third consecutive top award at the 30th Annual American Society of Cinematographers Award held at the Century Plaza hotel on Sunday, February 14.

Nominated alongside with Roger Deakins for “Sicario,” Ed Lachman for “Carol,” Janusz Kaminski for “Bridge of Spies” and John Seale for “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the Mexico City Native director of photographer Emmanuel Lubezki once again took home this year’s ASC Awards for “The Revenant” and became the first cinematographer to win the feature category for three consecutive years.

This is the second time Lubezki won the ASC Award for Outstanding Achievement in cinematography with a film directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Last year, it was the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards for “Birdman” that crowned him the ASC.

In 2014, he was awarded the top prize for another Oscar-winning picture, “Gravity.” With another two wins Lubezki got for “Tree of Life” (2011) and “Children of Men” (2006), he is also the first cinematographer to date to win a total of five ASC awards.

“The Revenant” is nominated for a total of 12 Academy Awards, including Best Cinematography. Lubezki has the chance to break another record to become the first to consecutively win both the ASC Award and Academy Award for two years.