UNITED STATES—Whether you have a spouse stationed in Iraq, or you’re just a thrill seeker in search of your next worldly adventure, there are some pretty good employment opportunities abroad in Iraq. Working in Iraq can be incredibly lucrative; you can make and save a lot of money. However, the reason why the reward for these jobs is so handsome is that there is always the threat of possible danger as Iraq has some inherent risks due to their current political situation. But if you’re looking for excitement and action, a high-paying job in Iraq may just be what you are after! Here are the three top lucrative employment opportunities in Iraq.

Truck drivers

Becoming a truck driver in Iraq may seem like an arbitrary and weird job that you did not know existed. But remember, there are many US soldier stationed in Iraq and they need truck drivers to make delivers with supplies of food, medical equipment and other items. Being a truck driver in Iraq can earn you a whopping $125,000 to $250,000 a year, this is substantially more than Ice road truckers in the Arctic circle earn.


If you’re wanting a job that has more personal interaction, being a teacher in Iraq is a great idea. Many people want their children to learn English as it is an internationally useful language in which to have proficiency. As a result, there are many opportunities for teaching English to students. This can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and is bound to result in some personal growth for yourself. The remuneration is pretty good too. If you do not like children, there are also options in terms of teaching English to adults and business people who want to be able to communicate with clients in other countries.


With a big US military presence, and not many Iraqis speaking English, translators are always in demand in Iraq. Of course, this is quite a specific job and you will only be eligible if you can speak both English and Arabic or Kurdish. Translators are employed both by private corporations operating inside of Iraq as well as by the government. They are used for negotiations regarding military action, as well in other businesses. Being a translator can be a fast past, but fun job.

These are just some of the great, high paying jobs that you can get in Iraq. If you are the type of person who enjoys high risk / high reward situations, then a job in Iraq will be perfect for you. Relocating to any foreign country is a big decision though, and one that should not be taken lightly. If you are used to travelling and enjoy experiencing other cultures and ways of life, then this could be a great adventure for you. But if you have never even left the state in which you were born, perhaps try travelling somewhere a little more safer, and a little more local first before you book your tickets to Iraq!