LAUREL CANYON—On Saturday, February 13, a eucalyptus tree fell on power lines, breaking two wooden utility poles and knocking off a transformer.

The incident happened sometime around midnight when the residents of Laurel Canyon heard the loud crash and telephoned firefighters.

Although, Jane Galbraith of the Department of Water and Power could not be reached as of press time for any additional information or comments, she reiterated that the 2,000 people who were without power had the power restored before 1 p.m.

A video crew at the scene reported that the tree mostly blocked the Laurel Canyon Boulevard at North Laurel Canyon Place.

The area in which the incident occurred is close to where the rains have affected much of the Hollywood Hills area. As a result, authorities have closed up Laurel Canyon Drive, which covers between Mulholland Drive (where erosions have happened) and Lookout Mountain.

Now, southbound Laurel Canyon traffic is headed east at the Mulholland signal towards theWoodrow Wilson Drive and Nichols Canyon Road south to Hollywood.

Also, northbound traffic is headed for the Valley towards Lookout Mountain and Laurel Pass avenues, and then east on Mulholland.