UNITED STATES─I will be the first to admit my exercise habits have been terrible of late and it’s not because I don’t want to exercise, but gyms are closed people. Yes, I am constantly hearing about taking these walks and I did that the other day. Man, it was absolute joy for me. Why? I needed to get out the house, I need the fresh air and the opportunity to put my feet to the pavement for my overall health just made me feel stellar.

I am someone who has always been a fan of walking because I think it’s a great form of exercise. Why? It’s better than not doing anything at all. I mean in college, I ALWAYS walked to all of my classes, rather in the brutal heat, brutal cold, even the rain and snow at times. I will admit if the rain was heavy or the snow was relentless I would catch the bus. My argument was walking from one side of campus to the other side of campus, which was about 40 minutes was good exercise and imagine doing that 2-3 days a week while you have class?

It’s good for the body people, and if people argue it’s not they have to prove it to me. With that said, let’s get back to the topic at hand. How do you stay fit or exercise for those who do not have home gyms. Well, you can do the typical exercises we all learned as kids. You can do jumping jacks, you can do pushups (these are great people), you have the classic sit-up, you have squats, you can run in place, there are things you can do. While 15 minutes seem to be the go to method so many people are told is suitable, I would try to push for at least 30 minutes to an hour at least 5 days a week. If you cannot get 5 days, you need to at least aim for 4 people.

Try to make that time frame consistent; the same time each day so you get committed to making it a habit, when you change it over and over again, it just places you in a conundrum where the chaos just continues to cause more mayhem in your life. For those who do have exercise equipment at home, there is no excuse. Get on the treadmill, get on the bike, get on that elliptical, use those weights. You spent money on the items do not just allow them to sit them, that’s money you just threw down the drain people.

There are people arguing I need to be motivated to exercise, let me give you the biggest motivation ever: your health. Right now, we are quarantined, so for most Americans we are sitting too much. I know that is something I am absolutely enduring and I hate it so I have to change it. The one thing I can recall is that I actually feel so much better mentally and physically when I exercise. It is something I need to feel good people I need it for my overall mental health to feel relaxed.

If you need a bigger motivate, try music. I know it works for some people, for me it doesn’t, I rather watch a movie or a TV show because my focus changes from how long I’m working out to focus on what I’m watching. So you’re being entertained AND getting exercise and health regimen at the same time. It is indeed a win-win people. For those who can take walks and hikes then do it. Remember keep your social distance from others, at home you can sanitize your equipment once and that is indeed good for you. At the gyms you really don’t know, how often those devices and equipment are actually being sanitized people.

So whatever you have to do to keep your body in shape and healthy, please find a way to make it happen. Your health is important and with such limitations you should not make excuses for not doing it when you can do it.

Written By Zoe Mitchell