UNITED STATES—I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that summer has finally ended and fall/autumn has dawned upon us. All that clothing that has been in my closet that has gone unworn for months I can finally indulge in. I mean the jeans, sweaters, jackets, long sleeve shirts and so much more. Fall is not just about fall clothing, it’s about so much more America.

Kids are back in school, so this means on average from like 8ish until 5ish most places you visit won’t be overloaded with tweens or teens doing absolutely nothing. That is more likely on Saturdays and Sundays, but not Monday-Friday for the time being. You have fall classics dawning on us like apples, various forms of squash, cool weather, the changing of leaves and their colors, and above all holidays.

I mean October is upon us and it’s time to prepare for all things spooky. What does that mean? Um, Halloween people! I love a great scary movie, and I think for those of us who love horror films you get a pass to indulge in them during the month of October. In addition, you have the opportunity to dress up and be anyone or anything but yourself.

Let’s be honest I think more adults love Halloween than kids. It’s like a holiday for adults as much as it is for kids. The only thing that constantly baffles me about the month of Halloween is that it tends to be wet. I never understood why October is always a rainy month, but it seems to go with the notion of things dark, spooky and moody. So once we push Halloween out the window, we have to prepare for Thanksgiving.

It is a time where we feast on food, and it is the biggest cooking holiday for food if you ask me America. I mean I love to cook, my family loves to cook, and Thanksgiving is that one time of year that we bond with family and those who we haven’t seen in weeks, months or perhaps years. Food satisfies the soul, so for me I love to prepare a great dish or dessert that people will talk about for years to come.

Then you have to prepare for the biggest month of the year for most Americans when it comes to their wallet, finances and expenses: Christmas. Yes, Thanksgiving is the official start of the shopping season with Black Friday, but people really get into the full force of things when December dawns on us. The shopping season is now in full force and spending reaches an epic proportion, and sometimes the notion of getting bargain runs short. If you started that Christmas shopping a bit earlier you may have gotten better deals than waiting at the last minute. Like I said, for some it’s better to wait than to start early if you don’t have the money.

I think the biggest reason I love fall is that it brings family and the notion of spending time with your loved ones front and center. Rather its watching sports, cooking a fall dish, preparing for Halloween, cooking for Thanksgiving or decorating for Christmas, there is an opportunity to plenty of bonding time with family, friends and loved ones America. Fall is my favorite season of the year and no other season even comes close.

Written By Zoe Mitchell