TOPANGA CANYON—The Topanga community is coming together to provide donations to the Jebef family, who lost their home  in a two-alarm fire on July 18. Elizabeth and Adrian Jebef and their two children, Wyatt, 14, and Lauden, 7, were left with nothing after a blaze destroyed their home.

According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the flames were reported at 3:09 p.m. and the conflagration was extinguished at 4:14 p.m.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but there were reports in the area of both a power surge and lightening, according to officials.

The Jebef's home following the two-alarm fire, which destroyed all of their possessions.
The Jebefs’ home following the two-alarm fire, which destroyed all of their possessions.

Paisely Iredell has created a Facebook page, “Jebef Family Fire Recovery” to “organize help at a central location,” where the community and citizens of greater Los Angeles can donate anything from clothing to home cooked meals to gift cards that can help the Jebef family rebuild their lives after the fire.

On the Facebook page, Paisely says, “thank you to the amazing community of Topanga for your swift and heartfelt outpouring of love and support for the Jebef Family. My hope is that this page can simplify the many offers of help and make it easy to organize this help.”

On July 22, Paisely also posted her gratitude for the support of the community who helped the Jebef family find a temporary home over the next month. She wrote, “the next goal is to obtain long term housing. Should you know of a 3 bedroom house (furnished or unfurnished) available for rent in Topanga Canyon, Malibu or Agoura Hills, please share on this page.”

The Jebef family can only begin accepting “house good donations” once they are settled in a permanent new home, which the Jebefs hope will be the end of next month.

The family has also requested for everybody to hold onto monetary donations until everything is sorted with the insurance companies; they do not want to take money if it isn’t needed. Paisley writes that, “their needs are numerous and it will take time for the insurance company to process their claim. Gift cards are a great way to help them at this time. Costco, Target, BedBathandBeyond, Homegoods, HomeDepot, TheGap, ValSurf [sic], etc.”

Clothing donations were brought to Sotheby’s Realty up until Tuesday, July 28, but they can now be dropped off at the front door of Paisely Irredell’s home at 22829 Portage Circle Drive in Old Canyon.

The post reads:

Adrian: Men’s size Med shirts/jackets, 34 waist (shorts and pants), size 11 shoes

Wyatt: Men’s Medium shirts/jackets, 32-34 waist (pants and shorts)
size 12-13 shoes

Lauden: Kid’s size 7/8 dresses, leggings, shorts, t’s, size kid’s 13-1 shoes

Elizabeth: size 9-91/2 shoes

The Jebef family has been back and forth between Topanga and Malibu, but will return back to Topanga on August 1, until further notice.

For further information go to “The Jebef Family Fire Recovery” Facebook page. The community can make other donations at Donations can also be made via Paisely Iredell’s email at or via telephone at 310-293-7307.