HOLLYWOOD—So the cat is finally out of the bag after what seems like 2-3 years of absolute guessing on “General Hospital.” Yes, Nina Reeves learned who her long-lost daughter ‘was,’ it is Nelle Benson. Yes, for the longest time I thought Nelle might be a red herring and it was actually Willow who was Nina’s long lost daughter. I mean we never met Willow’s father, and it could be a welcome twist if the writers wanted to go down that path.

However, Jax and Carly confessed the truth and Nina and Valentin connected the dots and it appears Nelle is indeed Nina’s daughter. It’s an unfortunate end to the situation, especially considering Nina had been longing for some conclusion, but this only opens up the door for more chaos. Valentin is sticking the knife into Jax, hoping his relationship with Nina dissipates so he can weasel his way back into her life.

Nina has been ok with Jax constantly coming to Carly’s rescue, but it is obvious that it has annoyed her. Just imagine, what transpires if Nina learns what occurred with Nelle and Carly on the cliff. If she thinks Carly purposely led to her daughter’s death, the old Nina might come back into play and with Phyllis treating Sonny, I have a feeling Nina will learn that truth and keep it a secret from Carly and her family.

Yeah, it looks like these two women are about to become mortal enemies in the coming weeks America and I’m all for it because Laura Wright and Cynthia Watros are fantastic actresses. In other Port Charles news, Alexis is FINALLY realizing she has a drinking problem after she nearly killed Dante after trying to inject him with a syringe. The Alexis has a drinking problem storyline we’ve seen before, but at least Olivia finally learned the truth about Ned and Alexis sleeping together, which opens the door for a Robert and Olivia pairing.

Those two just feel like a better fit if you ask me people. The walls closed in on Tracy forcing her to flee town, just as it has become clear that Finn knows in his gut that Chase might be his son, not his brother. Jackie has no idea if Chase is really Gregory’s son, which means this upcoming double wedding better deliver the fireworks people because I have long waited for some drama to seriously explode.

That brings us to Peter starting to unravel and people questioning who he is. Britt had been bonding with Peter until Jason spilled the entire truth to her about her brother’s deeds. Britt has opened her eyes and more now than ever after he hacked Franco’s medical files and published a sleazy article that has the entire town chatting. He threatened Britt, which Jason overheard. I will be honest I am loving the scenes between Britt and Jason and their partnership is so much fun, just like the pairing between Sam and Dante people. I mean Jason and Sam are not together anymore, so they should be with others.

While the evidence begins to mount against Peter, it is worrying Anna who is starting to realize covering for her ‘son’ means she will pay the price in the end, as Liesl makes it her mission to get Peter, and the wicked doctor is aware that Anna is digging for information about Franco and her and she is upping her game to bring down Peter.

Ava might be happy with her upcoming wedding to Nikolas Cassadine of all people and the fact that she has custody of Avery (for now). That is likely going to change once she learns that Sonny is very much alive, but worse, Ryan Chamberlain. Yes, the audience knows Ryan is not solely immobile. He has found a way to fake his condition, and with an upcoming wedding, it seems like the perfect time for Ryan to cause a bit of havoc and America, I’m all for it people. Ava and Nikolas both need to pay for the sins of their past people and the list is long to say the least.

The Cyrus war seems to be quieting down in my opinion, which I’m ok with, especially after the audience learned that Laura was his half-sister. There is not much more to go on here if you’re asking me except, Florence being returned and Cyrus being killed or jailed for his crimes people. February sweeps are officially in effect, so I’m hoping this double wedding we’ve been chatting explodes things, but something tells me Finn’s secret will come out, and Peter’s downfall will come during May sweeps. I could be wrong, we shall see.