HOLLYWOOD—Gwen and Abigail are sisters on “Days of Our Lives” how ironic that two enemies would be tied by blood people. However, the scary tale is learning that Jennifer’s mother, Laura, is the reason Jack never knew about his long-lost daughter because mama wanted to protect her daughter and Jack’s burgeoning relationship. Oh, how the past always finds a way to come back and haunt people America.

Jack and Jennifer learned the dirty truth when Laura returned to town and revealed the dark secret that left everyone floored. If that wasn’t enough the DNA test confirmed what Gwen suspected: Jack is her daddy people, so look for Gwen to play on the fact that dear ole dad abandoned her and he has to make up for the past. Oh, goody.

Speaking of Gwen it was nice to see Abigail deliver a solid punch to her sister’s face leaving her with a nasty bruise to say the least. Gwen seems to be making friends with the wrong people. I mean Charlie of all people Gwen? Do you know what this guy did to Allie? By the way, Allie learned the awful truth about that night and can firmly point the finger at Charlie as being her attacker, just as Tripp received vindication America.

With that said, it looks like the Tripp, Charlie and Ava tale might be soon coming to a close people. Aren’t we all intrigued to see the burgeoning relationship between Nicole and Rafe people? I know I’m not the only one who pegged what is taking place America. Eric is constantly being diverted from coming home which is code for the writers needing a new Eric to be cast causing such a delay.

Which means I suspect Rafe and Nicole will indeed become an item in the coming weeks, and I’m all for it. I just don’t want to see Eric return and we have this whirlwind chaos of a romance yet again. We’ve seen that transpire one too many times and I am not interested in seeing it happen again. I mean even when Gabi Hernandez, Rafe’s little sister sees the sparks, the writing is on the wall people.

Brady was shot after taking a bullet intended for Philip and Chloe has been by his side since the shooting, which has ruffled Kristen’s feathers who busted out of prison after taking Tony hostage. Kristen must have forgotten that Brady and Chloe were once a strong couple and I’ve always wanted to see those two get back together so this is an interesting dynamic. Even though the writers seem to be pushing Chloe into the direction of Philip which I think is not as intriguing as they seem to think.

This brings me to the tale that I noted the last time we spoke was just not interesting at all: Lani and Eli’s twins are missing. If you’re going to do a missing narrative, not a good idea to lay all the evidence for the viewers to connect the dots before you even make the big reveal people. I mean it was so damn obvious the moment the twins went missing it was Vivian Alamain (Linda Dano), who made her presence known this week, was the guilty party.

We all knew she wasn’t dead, and if Lani thinks there was NOT going to be some form of retribution for killing Stefan (even if it was an accident) and she would not have to pay the price she needs to think again. Heck rumors are already swirling the missing twins mystery is going to be solved in a few weeks so what was the point. I’m sorry I’m over both of these characters, they have that higher than thou mentality that just annoys me to the core as a viewer, especially Lani. Sorry, but the character, both of them actually can fly off into the sunset if you ask me.

Gabi and Jake continue to dance around their relationship, which let’s be honest the two should be an item, especially compared to him and Kate. Never bought that tale for a moment people.