MALIBU—The field at Trancas Canyon Park, located at 6050 Trancas Canyon Road, is closed until the end of April for seeding and rehabilitation.

According to a statement from the City of Malibu, use of the field for activities is restricted, and visitors are requested to stay off the grass during this time.

All other features at the park, including the playground and the off-leash dog park, remain open and available for normal public use

Trancas Canyon Park, opened on July 1, 2010, spans 13.5 acres and includes a multi-sport athletic field, dog park, picnic area, playground, basketball court, restroom building, and parking.

The project cost the city $3.5 million and attracted fierce opposition from local residents who feared the park would attract heavy traffic, loud noise, and littering.

In response, the city council voted in 2008 to ban league sports at the park in an attempt to reduce traffic.

Another source of controversy for the project was its proposal to flatten the Trancas Ridge ridgeline, potentially having adverse affects on native wildlife and local property. A grassroots organization, called “Save the Ridge” was formed as a consequence and they fought to thwart the impending destruction of the ridge.

As a result, a compromise was reached in 2009, when the city council voted to change the design of the park to spare the majority of the ridgeline including the knoll next to it.

A video tour of the park, produced by the City of Malibu, is available below: