HOLLYWOOD—It is a reunion fans of “The Bold and the Beautiful” have been waiting for ever since we discovered Finn (who looked very dead back in April) was revealed to be alive courtesy of his mother Li. Since that reveal absolute chaos has spun across Los Angeles thanks to Sheila Carter. Sheila learned about Finn being alive, made a beeline to Li’s location and got into a fight that spiraled out of control leading to Li’s vehicle crashing into the water and catching ablaze in the process.

Li was believed dead, but in the soap arena if you don’t have a body, never assume. Li was found in the alley by Bill who nursed her back to health where the big reveal about Finn being alive was discovered by Bill. He reunited Li with Finn who managed to escape Sheila’s clutches and reunite with Hayes and Kelly, as well as Taylor and Ridge courtesy of Bill’s private jet.

We’ll get more into Taylor and Ridge later, word about Finn’s survival spread at Forrester Creations which had everyone ecstatic about this miracle. Finn was on a quest to reunite with his wife who has been grieving his death harder than one can imagine. However, it was indeed a moment when Finn came face-to-face with Steffy and realized her hubby was very much alive people. It was indeed a moment and reunion that was worth the wait America.

I know what you’re all thinking, what about Sheila? She’s still out there people and you best believe Sheila Carter is not done causing chaos and whatever she has cooked up next will end on an epic scale before placing more lives in danger as part of the process.

Ridge and Taylor the survival of their son-in-law has sparked some emotions in them as the two shared a tender kiss. Whoa, I thought Ridge reunited with Brooke, so how is he going to explain this to his wife, and how will Ridge react to that photo that Hope posted of Brooke and Deacon on social media.

Looks like the Taylor, Ridge and Brooke love triangle is back in force America. Oh, great America (that is sarcasm if you didn’t already catch it people). I mean I thought we were moving towards a Deacon and Taylor romance, but Sheila cooked up her latest scheme this time involving Deacon who has been on a straight arrow. Deacon why can you not just say no to this woman? It is not like she has some major secret on you. Damn, she tried to murder her son and her daughter-in-law, stay clear of her she’s beyond dangerous she’s a sociopath.

He doesn’t listen to reason and as a result it cost him. Deacon when will you learn that if you play with fire you pay the ultimate price. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is looking to ensure Sheila Carter goes down for her crimes and it looks like her farewell will be one to remember.