HOLLYWOOD—Hmm, so the rumors circulating the internet were true in regards to “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan is alive after being declared dead on the soap about a month ago. He was shot by his mother Sheila Carter, after he took a bullet that was intended for Steffy Forrester. Well, RARELY do soaps drop stunning twists for audiences at the start of the week people. If you saw Monday’s episode, your mouth dropped.

There was a slight hint when Li, Finn’s mother returned to the canvas and learned from Steffy and Taylor that Sheila Carter, Finn’s actual birth mother was responsible for his ‘demise.’ Li gave off odd vibes to both Taylor and Steffy who wanted to discuss plans of a memorial for Finn. Li couldn’t be bothered and during the final moments of the episode, we saw an image of a very much ALIVE Finn being cared by Li. His condition is not looking great, but he was still alive in the flesh people. So this is a welcome change after so many viewers including myself thought the character was killed to reignite the Hope, Steffy and Liam love triangle.

I thought the writers were backing off from this, but something tells me that this will ONLY reunite the love triangle with a twist: Liam and Steffy will think they belong together, and as they prepare to walk down the aisle Finn makes his miraculous return blowing everyone away. My big concern is trying to figure out precisely how Sheila Carter plays a role in this stunning twist.

We know the reveal will NOT come for a bit of time, but all we can do now is speculate as to what drama and chaos is to come. We did see the return of Bill Spencer and Wyatt Fuller last week, but Bill is singing the same tune he has for years: Ridge doesn’t deserve Brooke and it makes us question if a Brooke and Bill reunion could be in the works. I wonder how Katie would feel about that because we have NOT seen the character in months. It is actually devastating to write that down on a piece of paper, but I guess the writers have not come up with a story for Katie Logan.

I’ll be honest who cares about the Paris and Carter love affair. I don’t, it came and went in my opinion. Her mother Grace butting her nose where it doesn’t belong, and Zende not really caring, says it all. The Quinn and Carter romance that is intriguing considering Eric is currently cheating on his wife with Donna. Yeah, it seems like Paris might learn that truth, but she’d be stupid to say anything. Why? It would drive Carter right into Quinn’s arms people.

Hope and Liam’s marriage seems to be hanging by a thread as it becomes more apparent that Hope is insecure in her marriage. Liam has cheated on her one too many times people, so it makes perfect sense. It also doesn’t help to have Brooke constantly putting that bug in her daughter’s ear about Liam spending time with Steffy. FYI Brooke, Steffy just lost the love of her life what do you expect?

Perhaps, Brooke expects all to go back to normal after discovering that Sheila was the one who swapped her non-alcoholic champagne with actual champagne. Brooke and Sheila had a confrontation, but it was nothing compared to that Steffy, Ridge, Taylor and Sheila showdown people. Ridge has moved out of the beach house and is back on the property with Brooke, but his emotions are still all over the place. He obviously loves Brooke, but she still kissed another man and took him to her bed (not literally people). That is a tough betrayal to get over people, things will only get dicey as Taylor and Ridge’s secret about Thomas knowing what Sheila did and staying mum is going to stress both out.

We already know Brooke is going to blow a gasket when she learns yet again Thomas hid an epic secret for his own benefit. Expect that to be an even bigger strain on Ridge and Brooke’s relationship people and when it comes out Brooke is going to return to throwing tantrums about Thomas’ despicable behavior people.