HOLLYWOOD—The war is on soap fanatics on “General Hospital.” In one corner, we have Nina and Sonny and her supporters vs. Carly, Michael and Willow and things are getting ugly. Nina for reasons I cannot fathoms thinks she is owed a relationship with Wiley, Nelle’s son. Here’s the problem Nina: if you were Wiley’s only living relative that might make a difference. His mother might be dead, but his father, Michael is very much alive. So as a judge, I think the ruling would be that Michael has sole say in what transpires with his son UNLESS, Michael were an unfit parent.

The courtroom theatrics kicked off with Michael, Nina and Willow trading barbs as Maxie attempted to play mediator. Dante warned his father, Sonny, it was not a smart idea to be a character witness for Nina against Michael. Yeah, Michael saw that as an epic betrayal people. Michael being Michael threw a fit and all but cut off ties with his father. That move by Sonny was ballsy; I mean testifying on behalf of the woman who made the world think you were dead for almost a year, while canoodling with you and acting as if nothing transpired? C’mon, Carly was livid with her ex’s move and rightfully so people.

However, that was NOT the only drama because Carly got those DNA results back. We already know the truth, Drew is aware that it’s possible Nina and Willow are mother and daughter, but confirmation was received this week. So what is Carly going to do? She should spill the tea, but considering Carly wants to stick it to her foe, this is going to drag out for a while before the big truth bomb is unleashed having ramifications that will change lives forever people. Nina’s case was looking strong in the courtroom people, but a few curveballs were delivered that were absolute game changers to say the least people. There is nothing like drama in the courtroom and we’re seeing that first hand on “GH.”

In other Port Charles news, Esme is still weaving her web around Nikolas, Spencer, and Ava, but our vixen might be undercut by another villainess. Ava has come up with an idea to neutralize Esme: Spencer. How so? She is willing to offer her stepson $10,000 a week to move out of Wyndemere and to take Esme with him permanently. Intriguing offer to say the least as it would give Spencer the ability to be in the driver seat and really navigate his plot to bring down his lover.

Ava knows in her gut that Esme is up to no good. Nikolas on the other hand is just blind. Yeah, Esme’s goal to sleep with Nikolas or to seduce him seems to be in full effect and she will likely succeed. Why is this intriguing? Well Victor Cassadine is back in the foray and something is telling me a possible romance or seduction could be in the place for Victor and Ava. Did I expect it? Not even with the slightest thought, but it makes me suspect Victor, who has some wicked plan in store for Port Charles and the Cassadine clan might be utilizing Ava to make that happen.

Trina took Ava’s advice and her bond with Officer Rory is building and Spencer DOES NOT like that one bit people. Jealously has reared its ugly head and Spencer better move fast to expose Esme before Rory and Trina’s relationship moves over from friendship to relationship. As I noted, Elizabeth suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Kevin, Laura and Finn suspected it was her sleepwalking; no people, she has an alternative identity that was triggered by her relationship with Finn.

Finn was the first to connect the dots and now the little secret is starting to reach the surface people and in interesting fashion to say the least. Liz is in denial, but I think her behavior is about to reach a new level of threatening and dangerous, so how this plays out time will tell. Brook Lynn and Chase are constantly trying to take their relationship to the next level, but there is always a hiccup, this time Brook Lynn’s music producer who is back once again. Can someone just off this guy already? It’s not even fun or interesting anymore, the guy is just damn right annoying. It would be an interesting narrative if Linc just happened to show up dead people.

Other Port Charles news involves the truth about Marshall being exposed. TJ and Molly tracked him down in New York and a tussle with a few thugs left Marshall hospitalized. Curtis wanted to build a bond with his father, and learned from TJ that Marshall was taking meds to treat his psychotic tendencies. So you’re telling me all this secrecy for months was the fact that Marshall was suffering from mental illness? C’mon it felt like he may have had a connection to the mob with the way he interacted with Sonny. Nope it was a direct result of them both suffering from mental illnesses.

Yeah, that twist or surprise did not deliver the ‘wow’ moment I expected. Sonny taking the stand on behalf of Nina did. He may have just torched his relationship with Michael permanently, and if looks could kills, the look Carly gave Sonny would have ended him people. The court case is NOT over, but I’m sure the result will be a game changer with haunting consequences, especially if Carly doesn’t spill the tea about Nina and Willow’s familial bond.