HOLLYWOOD—I teased in my column on “The Young and the Restless” that not much was happening on that soap and I can echo the same sentiment for “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Now that the truth about Vinny Walker’s death has been exposed Hope and Liam can take a backburner to the storyline front and allow a few others to rise to the forefront.

Right now that seems to be the backstory behind Finn and his parents. Well, the parents are here people, Jack (Ted King) and Li (Naomi Matsuda) are headed to town. Well it would make sense considering Finn and Steffy just welcomed their baby boy Hayes to the world. What grandparent would not want to meet their grandson? However, it looks like the focal point of their arrival revolves around Finn’s decision to marry Steffy right away.

These two are giddy in love, but Steffy has reservations. She wants to meet Finn’s parents, which raises a big question as to why Finn has been so tight-lipped about his past and his parents people. Well Steffy and Finn’s impromptu wedding by the end of the week culminated with a major surprise, Jack Finnegan surprising Finn and Steffy with his arrival. I’m eager to learn more about Finn’s past people; it has been a secret well-kept for over a year at this point.

In other news, Paris is now staying with Steffy and Finn, not sure how that makes sense, but ok. I mean where was she staying before? It feels like the writers are struggling with material. How about we reintroduce Nicole Avant to the mix people? We know Zende and Nicole got a divorce, but we don’t know why? I would love the answer to that question America.

With that said, the only other drama involves Quinn and Carter. Eric demanded a divorce from his ex and he wants swift action. However, here is the kicker: Carter has been summoned to represent Eric. Yeah, I was certain Eric would want to fire Carter for sleeping with his wife, but nope. Not ONLY is Eric allowing Carter to keep his job, he seems to have no ill will, but under one condition: Carter stay clear of Quinn. Oops that promise was already broken as they slept together last week and again this week.

So Carter and Quinn are indeed playing with fire and something tells me once again, Brooke will be a thorn in Quinn’s relationship. You know when Brooke discovers what is going on she is going to blow the whistle to Eric and Ridge. Speaking of Ridge, we are still waiting to see what he does about that partnership that Justin proposed to take down Bill Spencer. Being completely honest, this is a tale I truly want to see unfold people. Bill and Justin at war, with Ridge in the background playing puppet master, this is s genius idea people because it is possible the audience could finally see Bill ‘Dollar Bill’ Spencer fall from grace and wouldn’t that be glorious to see “B&B” fans?