CALIFORNIA—Mayor Eric Michael Garcetti’s home, located in the Hancock Park area was vandalized on Friday, July 30, following a protest.

The incident occurred several hours after Mayor Garcetti signed an ordinance that would restrict homeless encampments in the city of Los Angeles.

Authorities were dispatched to the scene of the protest. LAPD Lt. Rec Ingram told CBS LA that, “unfortunately around midnight, they [protesters] were a little bit loud and boisterous and were getting a little out of hand, and that’s why we decided to give them a dispersal order.”

The gathering occurred after the passage of an anti-camping law, which was approved by the Los Angeles City Council 13-2 on July 28.

Mayor Garcetti’s home was vandalized, had windows broken, and trash was thrown throughout the landscape. There were no reports of injuries or any arrests at the time of the incident.