HOLLYWOOD─Well Halloween may have come and gone, but fans of Michael Myers and the “Halloween” franchise were delivered a terrific last week by actress Jamie Lee Curtis and the next chapter in the newest “Halloween” trilogy directed by David Gordon Green. Yes, “Halloween Kills” has wrapped production and is slated to hit theaters in 2020.

The latest entry in the horror franchise was release in October 2018 and debuted to massive numbers earning the second highest debut of a horror movie ever behind 2017’s “It.” “Halloween” was dethroned to third place thanks to the debut of “IT: Chapter Two” this year. In the footage shown, it’s more behind the scenes than anything, but the glimpses delivered give fans a good tease as to what is to come.

First we see Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) strolling the streets with a baseball bat, teens on a swing, a look at Michael Myers himself, before bevy of quick shots of a young Lonnie Lam trick-or-treating, Allyson (Andi Matichak) exiting a truck with a shotgun, her mother Karen sitting in what looks like a police station, a bloody hand, a nurse firing a gun, Myers grabbing someone by the throat, standing on Laurie’s fiery porch amongst a few more imminent threats.

See the footage below:

I thought “Halloween” the 2018 version was a great entry, but lacked the level of thrills I want when it comes to horror. It looks like “Halloween Kills” might be the bloodiest and intense of the entries and I cannot wait to see the mayhem unfold, not to mention rather Laurie Strode (Curtis) meets her maker yet again. Prepare to scream on October 16, 2020 when “Halloween Kills” invades multiplexes.