HOLLYWOOD—In Hollywood, there are certain standards that must be maintained. It’s difficult to escape the societal expectations of body image. Besides the image, celebrities also love cars. When people become rich and famous, they often find new and exciting ways to spend their millions. A spot as a fan-favorite character on a TV can set you up for years. Even sports stars can enjoy their limelight and earn tens of millions each year until they retire.

Paris Hilton has made a reputation for herself as living it large. She works hard, she deserves it. The Hilton heiress has a collection of eight luxury cars most of which have been adjusted to tailor her needs and desires. Among those eight, the Bentley GT Continental is her most beloved. It’s pink and is estimated at $285K.

Tom Hardy loves racing fast cars in films and in real life. In fact, he has a red Audi RS 5 and a matte black Audi R8 Spyder. The extravagant car is known for its strong performance and smooth design. In 2012, he drove around London in his Spyder to when he promoted “The Dark Knight Rises.”

It is an estimated $180K. Nicki Minaj has an acquired taste – much like her $400K car modeled after her favorite bubble gum. Another Aventador to hit our list, this is clearly a popular choice of transport. The bright pink cover and matching rims would fit in perfectly in a Barbie universe and is probably the dream car for young girls everywhere. With a fortune of $70 million, it’s definitely an investment she can afford! Would you like one?

Kim Kardashian understands how to make the news and stay in for years. She has her own social media and reality TV empire and she regularly feeds fans with something to talk about her at all times. Kim’s amazing fleet of eight expensive cars helps in this situation! Ferrari 458 Italia, an estimated $325K. She is the happy owner of two black and white Rolls Royce Ghosts, a Mercedes-Benz G63, two black and white Range Rovers, a Bentley Continental GTC, and a Porsche Panamera. However, her favorite car is her white Ferrari 458 Italia.

Gwen Stefani is a proven rock star and she absolutely knows how to look the part. Due to her solid economic state, she owns a black Porsche Panamera. However, she also owns two SUVs from both Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz. Her Porche Panamera, is an estimated $200K. She recently bought another luxury car for her fleet – a Quattroporte Maserati. Coupled with Stefani’s divorce settlement from actor Gavin Rossdale and her own net worth of $35 million, she has no difficulty paying up for her many cars.

Missy Elliott carved the path for female rappers who dominate the music industry today. She may not be as busy as she used to be, but she still made our list due to her impressive yet troubled purple Lamborghini Diablo 3. The car suffered a terrible crash before even getting to her garage on the first day! The car insurance company covered for the loss, and Missy went for a bright green Lamborghini Gallardo soon after. Later, she bought a Rolls-Royce Phantom, an Aston Martin Vanquish, and a navy blue Lamborghini Gallardo which she can do because of her rock-solid cash flow.

Queen Latifah is one of the highest-paid hip-hop artists of all time and even dabbled on the big screen with her acting abilities. It makes sense that she would want to indulge after years of working hard for loyal fans. Her Rolls-Roce Phantom Drophead Coupe an estimated $370k. Her first car, a Mercedes-Benz S63 was stolen in 2016, but she used the insurance claim to upgrade to this beast. Today, she can be seen cruising in the massive car that’s three times more expensive than her last.

Having a pink luxury car might be cool and trendy now, but Lil Kim had one before we thought about it. The rap artist got herself a bespoke Bentley Continental GT for an impressive $250K back in the 1990s. Due to her shocking plastic surgery procedures and failing career, the car was sadly repossessed shortly. However, she was able to defend the financial issues and as soon as her commercial state started getting strong again. Kim purchased a Rolls Royce Phantom for $410K. Let’s just hope she maintains her wealth so this beast doesn’t end up getting taken away.

Rose’s Scoop: YouTube sensation, singer, and social media superstar Trisha Paytas has a  pink Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. She blew an impressive $140K on this vehicle. Thanks to her net worth of more than $4 million, it appears that she really has a quite steady cash flow. Paytas can buy another one of these as long as her career remains stable. We are confident that more lavish purchases are coming her way and we can’t wait to see if she is going to stay with pink!