UNITED STATES—I tell people time and time again, there is a major difference between being rich and being wealthy. I always consider those who aim to be rich not thinking logically. Some might ask the question why? Well, I have a bit of an analogy in life, “You can be rich on Monday and flat broke on Tuesday.” Yes, some people understand what that means; there are those who have no clue what that means.

Simply put, money does not last forever, so turning liquid assets into something that lasts for a lifetime is smart America. A lot of people don’t like to think about money, but I am someone who looks at money not just as something to be spent, but something to be respected. There are many people who when they come into money, they feel this need to flaunt it. This desire to let ‘others’ know they have a bit of what they think is ‘wealth’ and they want the rest of the world to know about it.

Major mistake because wealth is something that you don’t have to flaunt! You can have plenty of money and not once deliver a clue to others about what you are secretly stashing away for a rainy day, major purchase or huge investment. This without a doubt goes with my belief that owning property is one of the greatest things you can have in this world. Why? Property is a tradable commodity.

If you own a house, you can rent out that house to make income, you can use that money towards an investment, or you could simply sell that property and use those funds to purchase more properties. The opportunities are quite endless to say the least. However, don’t be a slumlord people; I know way too many people who own property and are absolutely the worst when it comes to being a tenant.

I think you see the young flaunt wealth so much more than those who are older. It brings me back to that terrible reality series on E! about those super spoiled rich kids in Beverly Hills. Gosh, that show was not only terrible, most of the cast made themselves look like complete idiots and spoiled brats.

This is where parenting comes to play. It is fine and dandy to spoil your kids because you didn’t have certain things growing up, however, it’s more important to teach your children that money doesn’t just come or you can just have WHATEVER you want without actually working for it. If you don’t educate children on such issues, they grow up believing the idea of flaunting one’s wealth is a norm in life. It’s not and to be honest it makes one look much worse than he or she ever expected.

There is nothing wrong with having a nice car, a nice house, nice jewelry and materialistic things. I would however question someone having a super expensive car, yet they don’t own a house, or don’t have a job or just have little direction in life. Nice cars are great, but at the end of the day you can only drive the car, and the value absolutely plummets after you purchase the item. I know this is a subject that is a slippery slope for most people, but wealth comes in waves, for some it lasts forever and it last through generations, but all it takes is one mishap, one mistake and everything, and I mean everything you have can disappear like the snap of a finger, just look at Bernie Madoff and his family people?

It’s as simple as it can get, just because you have it, does not mean you have to flaunt it. On top of that, why in the world would you want the entire world to know that you have loads of money?