HOLLYWOOD—The drama has not stopped one bit on “The Bold and the Beautiful” ever since the bomb about Phoebe being Beth was unveiled. Hope and Liam had a tearful reunion with their daughter, but no its time for the secret keepers to face the music.

For starters, Ridge was out for blood as he realized his daughter Steffy has crumbled into a million pieces. He took to task firing Xander and Zoe for their role in not disclosing the truth when they knew exactly what was going on all along. Flo also found herself in the firing seat, courtesy of Shauna who wanted her daughter to ask hope for forgiveness.

Flo was against, but mother knows best. The confrontation we had been waiting for transpired between Flo and Hope, where we saw a bit of rage from Hope for the first time ever. I thought the acting wasn’t great, but that slap it showed some rawness in the character I had been dying to see. It’s like this woman is impossible of showing a bit of rage, until know. Hope slapped Flo before she was arrested for her role in the baby swap. Wyatt seems to be torn about Flo’s situation. Wyatt, really, you tossed Sally for withholding a little lie, whereas Flo played along with stealing someone’s baby and keep it secret for MONTHS. Ok, explain that?

This was just the writer’s way of wanting to get rid of Sally to turn Wyatt and Flo into a couple without a valid excuse. However, the big catalyst of the week was the return of the authorities to not only investigate the baby swap, but the death of Emma Barber. Where the hell was the police six weeks ago when Emma was murdered? Not really an accident America, and it seems Thomas is really in the hot seat.

Thomas is being unhinged, he is delusional. He still thinks he has a chance with Hope after all of his lies and deception. He manages to make contact with Douglas and scolds his son for telling the truth, so much to the point he instills literal fear into the child. Beyond that, Thomas was livid when he learned that Hope wants an annulment immediately. His rage has been boiling and this week it erupted in a major way.

Liam and Brooke worried about Thomas, who has managed to stay under the radar, oh, he returned to the flesh this week and his presence left Hope rattled to the core at the cliff house. Both Brooke and Ridge rushed to Steffy’s abode to get to their respective loved ones before something tragic happens. What we can say is tragedy has struck yet again on “B&B” and it’s not who you think. I was certain Thomas would inflict some harm, but it was the opposite America.

Hmm, this looks like the writers trying to keep Thomas in orbit on the soap, even though he has committed dastardly deeds. Like I said, Brooke is a fierce opponent when it comes to her children, and their safety means more to her than anything, even in a battle to the death. Brooke took action, but she never expected it might lead to the death of her husband’s son.