HOLLYWOOD—Looks like Shiloh got his wish on “General Hospital” after getting Drew’s memories instilled in Franco of all people. Look, I found the plotline silly, but I think this was the writer’s way of trying to give Franco a storyline because he really hasn’t had much going on. Franco has Drew’s memories, yet we still have no clue why Shiloh wanted this to happen? I’m assuming it has to do something with money, but if that is the big secret that is a major letdown to fans, which is precisely the case America.

While that reveal was underwhelming, the twist that Helena Cassadine was tied into the mayhem caught my attention immediately. Yes, Helena was behind the kidnapping of Drew in her quest to create an unstoppable killing machine. Shiloh had no problem turning his pal over to the villainess one. Shiloh noted to Franco aka ‘Drew’ that he was willing to spill all the dirty details about his abduction, but even MORE IMPORTANT: Helena had an accomplice and it’s a guy!

Yes, I’m dying and I mean literally dying to find out who this person is. My gut tells me it’s a Cassadine, but that seems way too easy, so I’m hoping this reveal leaves me speechless because that is a great thing. However, after Tuesday’s episode, it became a realization for me that the person is Peter August. However, Peter and Shiloh have crossed paths before, so why is Shiloh just utilizing this ammunition now? We know that Billy Miller is soon exiting “GH” as Drew Cain, and I sense this bombshell will be the catalyst for his departure.

Speaking of Drew, he’s doing his best to be a loyal friend to Elizabeth during her trying time. Elizabeth is a mess, knowing the man she just married doesn’t remember her, Drew is concerned about Kim’s fragile state, and especially considering Franco embraced her in a passionate kiss. Julian and Kim are making plans to leave Port Charles, just as Sam and Alexis came to a consensus to make peace before Julian leaves town. Unfortunately, while everyone is celebrating the thought of Shiloh finally facing the music, he sleuthed his way out yet again.

I said it before and I will say it again, Shiloh will meet his maker, the big question is who will commit the deed. With that said, Shiloh has dropped some tea to a mysterious party about Alexis. We know she killed Kiefer years back and rightfully so, after her beat her daughter on countless occasions. Looks like Alexis’ world is about to blow up in a major way, and considering she has already been acquitted of the crime, I don’t see how this can really hurt the attorney.

Put a nail in this storyline already, involving Lulu and Dante. The guy is not coming back, so technically the writers could recast the character, but that does not seem to be the case America. So Lulu is heartbroken, Sonny feels like a failure and Olivia is coming to grips that her son is not well at all. The hunt to locate Dr. Andre Maddox in hope of reunited Franco with his memories and not Drew’s is the new mission for Curtis and Drew. Interesting considering that Curtis and Andre did battle for Jordan’s heart for months, but Curtis won out.

So it looks like Peter has found him in the crosshairs of the town’s most hated pariah, so how will he navigate this with Maxie before the truth comes out.