HOLLYWOOD—On Friday, August 13, Forever 21 issued a statement in response to an incident, which occurred at their Hollywood location last week.

On August 7, in an attempt to stop a suspected shoplifter, a security guard from the retailer tackled the man outside of the store.  One onlooker caught the violent interaction on video and posted the footage on YouTube.

The security guard attempted to apprehend the man, Alejandro Rea, outside the shop after he set off the store’s alarm.  After Rea was unresponsive to the alarm and the guard’s attempts to draw his attention, the guard took Rea down by force.  The video shows the guard tackling Rea and choking him.During the brawl, another man who claimed to be Rea’s brother, attempted to explain that he and Rea were deaf; thus, unable to hear the alarm.However, the security guard continued to hold Rea in a headlock.

In the statement, representatives from Forever 21 stated, “We recognize that the security guard used excessive force, which is against our store policy and have suspended him indefinitely.” The security guard was suspended for his actions, and Rea was arrested.

Though at the time of the incident, Rea’s brother tried to explain that they had a receipt, unpaid merchandise from the shop was found in Rea’s personal bag. The Los Angeles Police Department stated that Rea had a history of petty theft.

Rea has been charged with shoplifting and robbery; he posted bail on Monday, August 9.