HOLLYWOOD—There are those glimmers of hope that show extraordinary acting chops in the soap arena, and the prize this week goes to Roger Howarth of the ABC soap “General Hospital.” At first I thought this plan to lure the real killed out by using Franco was silly, but interesting. I take everything I said back, because Howarth proves why he is an acting gem.

Jordan was well aware that Franco did not attack Lulu and was not responsible for the murders of Mary Pat, Kiki or Peyton. However, with the evidence mounting, Jordan had no choice, but to haul in Franco. Convinced by Drew, Elizabeth and even Curtis, Jordan implemented a plan to draw out the real killer (Ryan Chamberlain for those in the dark) into the limelight.

Elizabeth was livid with Franco’s guilty plea, so was Drew and Ava. Deep down they know the guy is not the killer that he once was. Franco took to the airwaves to explain his reasoning for committing the crimes and the plan worked effortlessly. The acting by Howarth was spot on and so convincing. It was like watching a pure genius on the small screen. Lulu was baffled by the admission, as was Ava, Julian and Alexis. However, the one person who was livid by the revelation was Ryan.

Ryan is indeed an egomaniac; he did not like the fact that Franco was taking credit for crimes that he committed. Gosh, if the people just looked at Ryan they would know he was guilty. The facial expressions on this guy’s face said it all. Livid, Ryan confronted Franco in Ferncliff. Not a good idea Ryan, you’re unraveling and with Chase and Lulu concerned about Laura’s whereabouts, it’s only a matter of time before escape is imminent. Tact on the fact that Ryan’s proposal to Ava and we’re looking at a reveal that is likely to stun PC in the coming weeks. I’m just counting down the days until Ava Jerome (Maura West) learns that Ryan was responsible for her daughter’s death. I mean West has already delivered sensational acting in the past year, but I can only imagine what we’re in store for.

Let’s talk about another story that is definitely catching my attention. Dr. Cabot and this twin trial studies involving Anna, Alex, Jason, Drew, Kevin and Ryan. Jason and Drew recently lost, but regained their eyesight, but not with blowback. Drew ran over Jordan placing her in a dire condition in the hospital; Jason took a tumble and nearly exposed his and Sam’s ruse to bust Shiloh; and Anna is starting to wonder if her sister implanted memories in her that are not true. That is very interesting people, because I sense a major twist or surprise is headed our way.

To cap things off, Dr. Cabot thought he was about to be jetted back to sanctuary, but Anna had other plans, just as he phoned a mystery patient. I wonder who that person is. Something tells me it might be Alex, but if it’s Cesar oh, what fun would that be. I want to revisit the Shiloh storyline because the audience knows the guy is hiding something, the issue is we have no idea what. He has Kristina wrapped around his finger, Sam is doing her best to keep up this ruse that she and Jason are no longer together, just as Carly has been drawn into the mix after revealing to her BFF that she is pregnant.

Carly certainly can’t take any stress, and the fact that Sonny has jetted off with Robert to locate Dante who is deep undercover will only add to the madness. We can’t wrap things up without discussing the walls closing in on Valentin about Sasha. Sasha is concerned and she should be. Maxie ran a paternity test, but a mishap didn’t give her the results she wanted. Maxie and Peter are unto Valentin and Sasha, but the question to ask is what will they do when they discover the truth?

Ryan has become unhinged because after watching Franco on TV he headed straight to Ferncliff to convince Franco to tell the truth; admit that he was framed, but if Franco was smart, he’d immediately realize he was staring the real killer right in the face. Ryan is becoming sloppy, he’s making people question his antics, and he’s getting desperate to clean up potential mistakes. It doesn’t help with Lulu certain that Franco’s story doesn’t add up.

Will Ryan strike again or will he make a run for it because he gets exposed. I thought the truth might not come out until May sweeps. Something tells me the writers will not be able to keep this ruse up that long.