HOLLYWOOD—Well that did not take long. Not a great idea to commit a heinous crime, when you’re well aware that your husband is a detective. “The Young and Restless” wasted no time in allowing Rey to piece the puzzle to discover that it was Mia, his wife, who assaulted his sister Lola, placing her in a coma where she is literally fighting to survive.

Look, Rey is a man of the law. As much as he cared about Sharon, as soon as she confessed her role in J.T.’s murder, he placed the cuffs on her. So why Mia thought she was any special, especially after Rey realized she was secretly harboring feelings for his brother Arturo, I have no idea. As soon as Rey was about to place those cuffs on Mia, she blurted out that she was pregnant. Yup, cue a pregnancy to change the dynamics of the narrative.

However, we have a major problem: Mia faked her pregnancy so she could have a get out of jail card. At first I thought this woman was just fiery. It has now come to my realization this woman is crazy. You nearly kill your sister in law because you were jealous of your ex getting engaged, and then you fake a pregnancy, while still lying to your husband that you secretly hooked up with his brother behind his back. Mia, Lola needs a liver transplant, and considering Rey and Arturo are not candidates, you better pray for a miracle or else. It looks like the person who could be a match is the person we all least expected: Summer. Oh, if she saves Lola’s life how twisted would that be in this love triangle. Kyle would be indebted, so would Lola, but is it enough for her to sever ties with Kyle in return for Summer saving her life?

We have to chat about the other good news in the “Y&R” world: Phyllis Summers is paying for her devious acts. After betraying Sharon, Nikki and Victoria by bartering a deal with Christine, Phyllis was exposed in court and her world came crashing down. Nick kicked her to the curb, and I would argue it’s safe to say these two are indeed over. I mean you had a pact telling everyone not to crack and the first opportunity you get you take it. Can anyone scream hypocrite?

Things only got worse for Phyllis people because Billy jumped at the news and convinced Jack and Kyle that it is now time to make a move at Jabot to oust Phyllis as CEO. She did take over their company in a duplicitous way, so it’s only fitting her crimes have finally caught up with her.  Phyllis is doing her best to prevent a takeover, but after being hoodwinked by Phyllis once, Billy is looking forward for a bit of payback, and rightfully so.

Summer confessed her love to Kyle who seemed a bit taken back by the revelation, just as it became clear his love for Lola is much stronger than anyone could have ever expected. So much to the point he posed as a doctor to sneak into Lola’s hospital room. Little does Kyle know, if he continues to test Arturo, he might find himself beat to a pulp.

There is major action underway in Genoa City with the trial of the century underway for the murder of J.T. Hellstorm. Christine is certain she has all she needs to get a conviction, with Sharon, Nikki and Victoria worried sick about the worst possible outcome. Mariah placed herself in a tricky situation where she knows the truth, but has to hide it to a degree to save her mother and the others from being exposed.

Phyllis has spilled all the beans, and without knowing precisely what she said the ladies have to be careful what they say otherwise they’ll be caught in a trap. Something tells me the audience is in for a major surprise real soon, this trial is not only going to deliver fireworks, but a major bomb is about to be dropped that we will not see coming.