HOLLYWOOD—Hmm, I really thought the movie “Fresh” was going to be something that blew my socks off after hearing so many critics take highly about it. Well, let me tell you something America, “Fresh” was not my favorite cup of tea. Why? It feels like one thing, and then turns its head where it becomes something you do not expect and it lost me I just didn’t feel the gut punch. I will admit the opening of this thriller hooked me instantly. I love “Fresh’s” take on the dating world.

Trying to find someone via dating apps and how social media plays a role in everyday life. We open to Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) on a date with a guy that she could not be more interested in. He’s boring; he’s condescending and just a complete asshole. I mean she had to pay for her date; the guy took her food and thought she would be interested in a second date. Yeah, her shutting him down was hilarious people.

This brings us to Noa chatting with her bestie Mollie (Jonica T. Gibbs). “Fresh” did give me vibes of “Get Out,” but without the race element people. Mollie just happens to be Black and can sense her friend becoming more frustrated not being able to find someone to spend her time with. However, things are on the up and up for Noa when she meets Steve (Sebastian Stan) while at the grocery store.

Steve was charming, but at the same time Noa should have picked up on some red flags. He just came across a bit forceful. However, there is a spark between the two and after a first date things skyrocket and Noa moves a bit too fast. Mollie asks all the right questions, but Noa has been charmed by Steve and before you know it, they’re going on a weekend getaway. Before you know it she’s drugged and all hell literally breaks loose. The problem with “Fresh” is that it’s hard to talk about this flick without spoiling the big ‘twist’ that has been chatted about.

The twist does not give you that ‘wow’ moment that I wanted or expected. In actuality, it freaked me out people, and not in a good way. The only satisfying element of “Fresh” is the ending and then I still wasn’t super happy with the outcome, but it was decent. Jones is strong protagonist and Stan is just fantastic as a charmer who has a wicked side that comes out to play that is just so damn scary people. I guess if anything, “Fresh” is a caution tale about the dating world.

Just because you like someone and you think they are a good catch, look deeper, be careful ask question, and let the people in your orbit away of where you’re going and who you’re with. This might be a movie, but as they say time and time again life imitates art and “Fresh” tackles that in a very scary way people.