HOLLYWOOD—When we first met Rafe Hernandez’s younger sister Gabi, it was no secret she was a bit of a firecracker on “Days of Our Lives.” This is the woman who allowed a stalker to terrorize Melanie, which ultimately led to a gas explosion that left a few Salemites injured, and one dead. She was given a second chance, and that’s where things took a turn for the worst. How so? She murdered Nick Horton and then did her best to cover it up. As a result she was sent to prison.

After getting out of prison, it appears she turned over a new life, but found herself in a situation where she was being framed for a murder that she did not commit. Gabi paid a hefty price and she wanted bloody revenge, and now the old Gabi is back and I must say I’m happy to see this. It’s almost like many characters in the soap arena can do despicable things and simply get away with it. I get Abigail was sick, but she framed an innocent woman, and as a result she was sent to prison, nearly died and now her daughter resents her.

It appeared Gabi and Abby talked things out and all was good, but that’s not the case people. Why? It looks like Gabi switched the paternity results forcing Abigail to think she is carrying Stefan’s baby. This is great narrative because it shows Gabi’s dark side yet again, not to mention it places Abigail, Chad and Stefan in a bad position. I mean Stefan is gloating to the moon; so much to the point he is constantly fighting (literally) with Chad. There is one slight thorn in the mix: Abigail. She is starting to suspect that Gabi might have ulterior motives, but will she be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together before it’s too late?

It is crazy that Gabi is doing this, but it is indeed retribution for Gabi, not to mention, Abigail and Stefan paying the price for their role in Gabi’s plight. Stefan will indeed be crushed by the news, Abby will be blindsided and I feel like Gabi is making a play for Chad. She has always had a torch for the guy, and this might be her opportunity to get back into Chad’s heart. We will see how this plays out in the coming weeks America!

There is another big tale taking place in Salem, involving Kate’s foxy lawyer, Ted has been doing some dirty dealings. Not only has he worked as defense for Ben Weston, more on him later, but he seems to know what Sonny and Will did to Leo! Yes, Leo suddenly vanished to everyone in Salem, but Sonny and Will know the truth: he is dead because Sonny killed him! Ted was seen sliding a letter under Will’s door, which Paul happened to spot, but Will was able to cover.

I feel like things will not turn out well for Ted because Kate has warned him to ensure nothing bad happens to her grandson Will, so imagine how she reacts when she learns what Ted has been up to. We all know Kate can be ruthless to complete strangers and friends, but imagine what she will do when she discovers Ted has been threatening her grandson. I mean she murdered Vivian in cold blood people; Ted should be very scared.

Let’s get back to Ben Weston, he has been freed from the authorities, but he has yet to realize the people in Salem do not want him there! Hope and Rafe are concerned, now we have Eli and Lani, not to mention Claire who clocked him with a pan, and Eve who came close to killing him. The only ally he seems to have in town is Ciara, who while hesitant to assist Ben, can’t seem to help herself. These two bonded when they were in that cabin and it is indeed a twisted love story that is certain to come to fruition in coming weeks. Hope trying to keep Ciara from Ben is only drawing her closer to him.

The other big tale that is absolutely heating up is the drama involving Brady, Eve, Theresa, JJ, Victor and Jennifer. Jennifer is not a fan of any of her children being placed in harm’s way and went digging and found hardcore evidence pointing directly to Victor. So what did Jenn do? She confronted Victor about placing drugs in JJ’s apartment, he denied it, but eventually confessed, as Eve tried to push Jennifer off the issue. Jenn was ready to blab, but Eve had an ace up her sleeve: Brady’s secret involving Nicole and Deimos.

Wow, I cannot believe Brady divulged those details to Eve about how he blackmailed Nicole to break her up with Eric for murdering Deimos. The brothers reconciled, but we all know the truth is going to come out, especially with Arianne Zucker returning back to Salem. With Eve aware of this secret, she used it as leverage to force Jennifer to keep her mouth shut about her role in Brady losing custody of Tate.

Jenn found herself in a tricky situation, especially after Eric proposed marriage to her and she said YES! Yes, Eric will be blown away by this revelation which is a big one to say the least America. Just when we think Eve is capable of crossing over to the good side, she proves that she has her evil ways and will do all she can to get what she wants. Interesting to say the least, there is a bit of good news: Steve has regained his site America, so now we’re just waiting for the other foot to drop on “Days of Our Lives” which we know is without a doubt going to transpire.