HOLLYWOOD—The stage is being set for a massive downfall on “The Young and the Restless” one that I think is going to be fabulous to watch. The war between Phyllis Summers and Diane Jenkins has been building for months, almost a year at this point, since it was revealed that Diane faked her death all those years ago and has been secretly hiding out. Jeremy Stark has wanted revenge on Diane ever since he got out of prison and discovered that his ally was responsible for sending him to prison.

Jeremy is not alone in his quest for vengeance, because Phyllis has aligned with the enemy and it is about to get her in some major trouble. Why? For starters, Jack has virtually disowned her and Summer has done the same siding with Diane over her own blood. Daniel, who recently returned to town did the same, so in all honesty Phyllis feels abandoned and alone, can you blame her.

The big gala in Genoa City hosted by Victor and Nikki Newman paid tribute to Neil with a jazz club to honor their dear pal. It was indeed a moment that helped repair the relationship between Lily and Devon which has gotten ugly as of late. For starters, Devon wanted Hamilton Winters back as a solo company, while Lily fought to keep the company tied to Chancellor. Things got so nasty a lawsuit was filed and Lily hired Devon’s ex Amanda who served up a hefty plate of revenge. Lily can act as if she didn’t know what she was doing, but c’mon she knew what she was doing people.

In the midst of this all, Abby has thrown all her support behind Devon, as she had a run-in with two women who were not happy with her: Amanda and Nina. Both ladies made it clear to Abby they were not pleased with her latest behavior. It is what it is at this point, so both women need to move on. Nate and Victoria just continue to flirt in public as if no one can see it. Elena after a few nudges from Audra realized there is more taking place than meets the eye.

The confrontation I’ve wanted to see transpired with Elena pulling Victoria aside and letting it be known that Nate is off limits. This all transpiring while Audra is also eyeing Nate and for reasons I don’t understand beyond corporate gain. Nate might be Audra’s boss, but Victoria is his boss. She’s not just giving out promotions without a good reason. This might explain why Audra and Tucker are aligning yet again people. Wonder how Ashley will fill about that? A face from the past Leanna Love showed her presence back in town annoying a town of residents in the mix including Esther, Diane and Phyllis.

She spotted Diane darting upstairs to as the stage was set for a confrontation with Phyllis that is about to have deadly consequences. Yes, it looks like Phyllis is taking a page from Diane’s book to enact her revenge. Summer and Daniel all but confirmed that as they shared details about conversations with their mother that felt like a final goodbye. Kyle raised his nose as if Diane is a saint; dude pump the brakes because your mother is no saint, and it looks Diane is about to receive her long-awaited comeuppance. Phyllis and Diane had a war of words that ended with Diane choking Phyllis as Jack, Kyle and Summer witnessed. Jack took Diane’s side, as he planned to make a big announcement for their engagement at the gala. Not all were happy, as Phyllis made another scene and that ring that Jack planned to give his lady, disappeared. How so? Jeremy stole it from Jack.

Before the week ending, Phyllis’ demise spread and the fingers were strongly pointed at the woman who has the most bad blood with the red head: DIANE JENKINS! Looks like Phyllis and Jeremy’s plan is working so far, the question is when will the truth be dropped and what will the consequences be for Phyllis when GC and the rest of the world learns what she did. Stay tuned because for the first time in a long time, I’m really excited with what “The Young and the Restless” are cooking up.