HOLLYWOOD—I do have to admit I was shocked when about 2 weeks ago it was revealed that Bill Spencer was working with Ridge Forrester and the FBI to take down Sheila Carter on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” However, as the story continues to play out, I am indeed scratching my head saying, “This makes absolutely no sense.” How so? Well for starters, the authorities had a solid case against Sheila who ‘killed’ Finn and attempted to murder Steffy and Li. Those three incidents alone should have the book thrown at Sheila where she can never escape people.

Nope. The writers for some reason came up with this twisted plan where Ridge and Bill are working together to try to get Sheila for all the crimes she committed over the years and there have been plenty to say the least. With that said, why does it feel like Bill is sacrificing the most? He has had to shun all of his family. People see him as the Devil and they will soon discover this is just a façade that is risky. He isn’t just housing this woman and sharing a few kisses, they have slept together. Has the consideration even arisen at the possibility that Sheila could get pregnant? That would be a welcome twist in the narrative that would be fun to explore people.

However, based on how things are starting progress it is clear the takedown of Sheila Carter is underway, but who will fall in the process? There has to be casualties or some sort of fallout from this plan. Sheila is starting to suspect Bill doesn’t trust her, but not for the reasons she suspects. He doesn’t suspect you and Deacon slept together, he KNOWS you did. Sheila is a smart cookie and starting to connect some dots realizing her freedom is at stake, as it came to light this week, that she has been hoodwinked.

I mean perhaps it was the fact that Bill Spencer proposed marriage to her and didn’t ask her to sign a prenuptial agreement placing his fortune at risk. Hmm, I wonder how Wyatt, Liam and Steffy will feel about this impending marriage. Viewers know when Sheila gets cornered she resorts in chaotic ways. Remember it was nearly a year ago to this date that Sheila fired a shot that was ‘supposed’ to kill Finn, but fans were outraged with the result and he was somehow miraculously brought back to life thru the power of the daytime soap opera.

She also fired a bullet into Steffy who was going to spill that Sheila was responsible for swapping Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne with actual alcohol. It all culminated with Sheila learning that she had been duped by Bill Spencer and she went on attack mode, and as the teaser video showed she flipped over that balcony at the Spencer mansion. Do I suspect she’s dead? Not a chance, and if Sheila is Sheila all hell is about to break loose.

Remember we still have yet to see that secret that Thomas knew about the swap and didn’t disclose come to light. It seems on Ridge, Taylor, Steffy and Sheila are privy to those details. Makes one wonder if she will spill that tea when she has nothing else to lose and how Brooke, Hope and Liam will react to that secret when it comes to light?

In all honesty, it will simply prove Liam’s theory yet again that Thomas hasn’t changed, he’s still as conniving as he has always been. It might be a mute pointe, but that is the issue with the “Bold and the Beautiful.” They don’t make people suffer the crimes of their consequences: Thomas, Steffy, Brooke, Sheila, Ridge, Bill, the list goes on and on. If someone commits a terrible deed, there has to be consequences, because it balances the situation out. Thomas was scorned for like a hot minute and now he’s back designing at Forrester as if nothing ever happened, and Hope is falling for his charade all over again.

At this point, the writers might as well just have Hope and Thomas hook up. This constant recycle of this storyline is just a bore. I completely understand Liam’s frustration because he has suffered each time Thomas pulled a so called stunt people. Hope and Thomas working again on Hope For the Future is placing a major strain on Hope’s marriage to Liam, who has voiced his concerns. It is no secret that Hope is not the brightest person; she wants to see the good in people no matter how many times they have caused harm to her. I mean Thomas has committed some dastardly deeds and I get she shares a son with him, but his psyche is just not stable people, he kept your blood child from you for months because he wanted to have a life with you.

When will the other shoe drop? It is not known, but my gut tells me Thomas will indeed spiral much sooner than later as we near May Sweeps. What will be the thing that pushes him over the edge? Who knows, but with Ridge calling this impromptu meeting about his role in Sheila’s downfall is about to send some shockwaves as more chaos will soon erupt.