HOLLYWOOD—Revenge, reacquainted lovers, and even an unsullied telling a joke! This week’s episode kept up a fast pace, tying up storylines and revealing new hints.

Lady Crane leads the beginning and as we hope Arya is there, a moment of creepy camera play makes us wonder if she is not going to be assassinated after all. It is Arya, though, and she is in bad shape. The older actress doctors her up and they bond, with Arya choosing to trust Lady Crane to give her medicine for sleeping. If you’re wondering about the young actress who hired the hit, Lady Crane says that she won’t be able to find work “after what I did to her face.” Arya tells her she does not know exactly where she will go, but she is thinking West of Westeros, where the unknown lies.

A quick scene showing the The Hound as he slaughters the Brothers Without Banners who killed his friends. One is not with them, and the others die without telling The Hound where he is.

Turn now to Tyrion, who refers to himself as the most famous dwarf in the world as Lord Varys is leaving to on a secret mission. Where is he going and does it have anything to do with their need for a fleet of ships?

Cersei Lannister is center stage as she is informed the Faith Militant are in the Red Keep AND the King knows. She is confronted and they tell her the High Sparrow commands her to come. Now we get to see the scene they taunted last week: Cersei picks violence. Her zombie man rips the face right off of the one bold enough to step forward. We also learn something maybe you guys knew already. Cersei calls the messenger “Cousin Lancel.” THIS IS DRAMA WAITING TO HAPPEN! Do you know who his father is?

The next scene shows Lady Brienne and her squire Podrick, observing Riverrun as it is still under siege by the Frey’s and Jaime Lannister. You can almost hear the violins playing as Breinne watches Jaime from afar… They are discovered and she tells them to go get Jaime and tell him she’s there to give back his sword. Next thing you know Podrick and Bronn are outside of a tent, with the hardened knight teasing the squire about how they are probably in there having sex. Inside the tent they are trying to come up with a way to see all parties satisfied. She has a plan and Jaime agrees to it. Lady Brienne will try to convince The Blackfish to take his troops to Sansa, guaranteed safe passage if they forfeit Riverrun.

Now a little more plot twist. Cersei finds royal business going on and as she tries to get close to Tommen, her uncle KEVAN Lannister stops her and says she belongs over in the Lady’s area. Do you know who he is? It is Lancel’s father! SO her father’s brother is hand to the king while his son Lancel is right hand to the High Sparrow? Something smells like a future plot twist, no? He does NOT like Cersei.


Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei are telling jokes and the little Lannister has talked them into trying alcohol. Grey Worm smiles as Missandei loosens up her normally furrowed brow, and laughs. Suddenly they hear alarming horns and look out to see the water filled with ships. The flags looked like something the Ironborn would sail, but Missandei stares out and tells them the Masters have come for their property.

Back at Frey’s camp Jaime has Edmure Tully tied to a wooden pole. He infuriates the captive, talking about how Catelyn was fierce like his sister Cersei and how VERY MUCH HE LOVES HIS SISTER. Incredibly, after such a tender moment with Lady Brienne, Jaime tells Edmure that he knows there’s a baby born from his union with Walder Frey’s daughter, the wife Tully has not seen since the night he married her at the Red Wedding. He says he will take that baby and catapult it at the castle, then slaughter every Tully that ever lived, if that is what will get him back to Cersei.

The scene changes to Riverrun where Edmure is telling them to lower the gate and let him in. Blackfish says NO, it’s a trap, but they do anyway. The gate closes behind him and it looks as if our suspicions were wrong, until he tells his lead soldier to have the men lay down their arms, find The Blackfish, and hand him over to the Frey’s.

Blackfish is with Lady Brienne, who fails at convincing him to accept Jaime Lanister’s peaceful solution. The elder Tully says he ran from the Red Wedding and he’s not going to run this time. He stays behind as Brienne and Podrick escape. Of course there’s ONE final look between her and Jamie, as he waves goodbye from the conquered Riverrun.

At Meereen, it becomes evident the ships aren’t Ironborn. The city is under attack by the masters. Tyrion Lannister wants to flee but Grey Worm gets loud and says no, they need to stay where they can defend their position: the pyramid. The huge structure shakes and just when you think they may be forced to abandon their position, here comes Khaleesi, and she looks livid!

Out in the woods somewhere The Hound is pissed too. He’s been looking for that last killer, and finds him about to be hung by another group of Brothers Without Banners who are sick of the bad name they are getting due to the killers. The Hounds doesn’t get his way: no torture. The scene does tell us that these people know Hound. The leader is someone he killed several seasons ago: Beric Dondarrion, but the Lord of Light saved him.

Arya is still in bed sleeping as Lady Crane checks on her. She finds an unknown young man in the room. The sound of a struggle awakens Arya, who finds the actress dead. The Waif is there, and an epic chase ensues. The two run until Arya stumbles, falling down the stairs that are full of merchant’s baskets, leaving blood on every step she bounces off of. The scene ends with her cowering on the floor as her intended killer walks in. There is nothing but a candle illuminating the room and SUSPENSE IS WHAT THEY LEAVE US WITH, as Arya slices the light source with her sword. The mean girl may have trouble fighting in the dark, but thanks to her cruelty, Arya won’t.

The show ends with a trail of blood through the Hall of Faces. When Jaqen finds The Waif’s face placed on the wall with the rest of them he tells her what she has waited to hear, that she is finally No One.


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