HOLLYWOOD—Last week we saw the return of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” this week “General Hospital” produced new episodes, and next week “The Young and the Restless” returns. Soap fans you can finally rejoice, because all four soaps are back on the air. However, we have to discuss “GH” because the soap returned with a major bang on Monday. How so? We saw the return of Dante Falconeri. The actor’s portrayer Dominic Zamprogna has come and gone from the soap in recent years.

However, with his appearance at a WSB facility, something tells me the writers have something juicy cooked up. Why? Sonny and Olivia have been adamant about helping their son, and with Olivia’s presence on the show more lately that points to a good sign. The question that remains is how Dante’s return will impact Lulu. Remember she has moved on from Dustin, but I would assume the moment that Dante returns to her she will be all open arms, then again, maybe she will not.

With that said, let’s discuss where we last left off: the courtroom. Nelle was looking unstoppable with her attorney, Martin pulling out all the strings to discredit Carly, Michael and Willow and painting a picture of Nelle looking like a saint. However, Nelle may have counted her chickens a bit sooner than they hatched. How so? Nina started her testimony making Nelle look like an angel before stabbing her in the back. Oh, America it was delicious TV to watch. Nelle did not see it coming and for a faint of words, she was speechless. Nina exposed all of Nelle’s lies, including the fact that she blackmailed Julian.

It was just too much for Nelle to handle and she exploded in the court and it did not look good for the vixen one bit. She was furious at her boss, however, Willow, Michael, Jax, but especially Carly was thrilled. Seeing the look on Carly’s face was so worth it “General Hospital” fans. These ladies have been enemies for years, and it finally looks like Nelle might be getting what she deserves for all her devious deeds. With that said, the necklace has come back into place. The broken heart Nina holds and the broken heart that Nelle holds. Nina has been pondering the necklace and so has Nelle, but there have been so many close encounters, I just want an answer already: is Nelle really Nina’s daughter?

At this point it has to be with the writers having Nina betray Nelle in this fashion, it would only be fitting for this bomb to be dropped when both ladies least expected it. There is other Port Charles news people, as Cyrus seems to be up to no good which has Laura worried in relation to the hospital. He has Jordan in his back pocket and she has to do his bidding or else she will be exposed people. Valentin and Martin are still scheming to get their hands on all the ELQ shares, with Brook Lynn reviving her music career, but not telling her father what is going on. Hmm, Brook Lynn that is not wise to say the least because have you thought about how your father will respond when he learns the family biz was under threat and you stayed mum? Not a good look.

Also Valentin, I thought you were aiming to change your image, how do you think Lulu, Laura and Nina of all people will react to learn about your latest stunt? It just proves to Nina once and for all that you have not changed at all and I think there will indeed be a price to pay for it. He may have made a vital mistake going to Sam propositioning her with an offer. That will ONLY get the wheels churning in her head what he is up to. Cyrus is also up to spreading his wings chatting with Brando who is tied to Sonny, so what will Brando do with the information that has been presented to him.

Returning to Valentin, he plans to utilize Sam’s parole officer to threaten her to give over her shares to the ELQ fortune. Is this guy crazy? Sam is connected to Jason Quartermaine Valentin, that is not a person you want to go against and it looks like we’re going to a see a war where a hated villain goes toe-to-toe with a mobster, who makes people disappear. Would you like to place your bets on whose going to come out on top?  “General Hospital” I am so happy to have you back, now don’t disappoint me on the drama, I mean I’m eager to see when Peter August’s downfall is going to strike because we know the truth is going to be exposed at some point, and all hell will break loose when it happens.