Tag: Martin

Carly Corinthos Plays With Fire On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Carly Corinthos, when will you learn. I love the character, but I think she just lit the match that is about to have ripple...

Truth Bombs Unleashed On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—I am going to call it right now the soap of year award goes to ABC’s “General Hospital.” I don’t know what happened, but...

“General Hospital” Finally Returns!

HOLLYWOOD—Last week we saw the return of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” this week “General Hospital” produced new episodes, and next week “The Young...

Nelle, Michael Go To War On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD─We have been waiting and the courtroom theatrics have kicked off in epic fashion “General Hospital.” At last, Michael and Nelle’s custody battle for...

NFL Player Pleads Not Guilty

STUDIO CITY—Last month, former NFL Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin was arrested for a suspicious Instagram post where he made threats to shoot...

Thanksgiving Bondathon

UNITED STATES—Many Americans consider Planes, Trains, and Automobiles to be the best Thanksgiving movie of all time. They’re probably right, but I, personally, would...
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