HOLLYWOOD—Well, we haven’t talked about the ABC soap “General Hospital’ so I found it fitting to get into that driver seat just as we gear up for February sweeps people. Yep, that’s right some of those hot button storylines are about to burst and big surprises should be expected along the way. It looks like the love triangle between Dante, Lulu and Valerie is finally kaput after Johnny found himself headed back to prison.

Would Lulu be forced to face the music for her involvement in having Valerie kidnapped and nearly burnt to a crisp? Nope, of course her first true love Johnny would not betray her in that manner, but it looks like the writers might be setting up a relationship for Lulu and Dillion, which was expected when he first arrived in town months ago. Yeah, that whole tale of Valerie saying she’s dunzo with Dante is a load of crap; I mean what else is she going to do in Port Charles?

Looks like the love triangle between Olivia, Alexis and Julian continues to move in circles and her latest arrest thanks to Mayor Lomax is not helping Olivia’s case. Hmm, why do I have the weirdest feeling that Julian is about to meet a bloody demise at the hands of Mr. Sonny Corinthos or his own sister Ava Jerome.

There have been minor winks in the past few weeks that suggest something bad is in Julian’s near future. Speaking of Sonny, it looks like he can walk again, but is looking to keep that information to himself to throw off his detractors.

There are two major storylines taking shape on “General Hospital,” one involving what is going on with little Jake and the second being Anna and Robert getting the goods on Paul Hornsby. Let’s discuss Little Jake first. The audience is well aware that Jake has been acting out a bit drawing disturbing images of Sam and break ing things all over the house to create chaos.

His outbursts have placed a strain on Jason’s relationship with both Sam and Liz. Sam suspects Liz of staging the incidents as a way to keep her clutches on Jason; I mean it’s not a stretch to suspect that Liz can do such a thing. I mean she kept Jason’s identity from him for several months.

Suspicion tells me during February sweeps little Jake will get violent and Sam might be the recipient of his anger. Just how dangerous he will get will be determined over time. If things in Liz’s life weren’t already chaotic enough, Jason has FINALLY recalled some romantic moments he shared with Sam thanks to a few raindrops. Could this be the breakthrough audiences have been waiting for, we sure hope so.

Onto the bigger story that I’m hoping to see unfold during sweeps: just what is Paul Hornsby up to and is he working for a bigger, bolder villain. He seems none too pleased to see Anna working closely with Robert. They already suspect that Carlos is very much alive and Sabrina is helping to keep him hidden.

Hmm, she made a phone call to Felix, which is all the authorities might need to track the duo at that cabin. To make matters worse Paul senses the walls closing around him and is utilizing Ava as his ace in the bag. Just how much does Ava know about her bed buddies dirty dealings and is she dancing with the Devil?

A nice little surprise by the “GH” writers was the revelation that Andre is a contact of Robert’s. I mean most of us suspected he was simply a therapist who was getting cozy with Jordan. Jordan sure seems to be a popular lady in town dealing with all the crime activity in Port Charles. If that wasn’t worse, her son TJ has returned and his uncle Curtis is still lurking around town blackmailing Hayden to giving him loads of cash.

So Hayden just exactly what are your plans for Prince Nikolas. It is apparent she knows he had a hit taken out on her and out of nowhere he proposes to her! Between working with Tracy, Nikolas and Curtis, it looks like the only person who is aware of Hayden’s true motive is Hayden herself. While nothing explosive has happened just yet, I expect before the week wraps “General Hospital” drops a bombshell that will leaves fans glued to the TV screen the entire month of February.