HOLLYWOOD—Well fans have waited for months for this to take place, but the wait looks to be over on “General Hospital.” Jason and Sam are reigniting the sparks, and it’s all thanks to little Jake whose tantrums have raised concerns from his parents: Jason and Elizabeth. The little tot has an extreme hatred for Sam who he suspects is the reason his parents have split.

After a tense confrontation, Sam took a tumble in the basement, Jake was hit by another car, and Elizabeth’s house exploded. Yes people, Jason rescued Sam in a nick of time and that prompted some sparks to reignite between the former love birds aka as ‘JaSam’ by fans.

Oh, Elizabeth has indeed had her hooks in Jake um Jason for months, but when the revelation came out that she secretly kept his identity hidden all hell broke loose. While in the hospital, Jason and Sam got closer, and that closeness led to some kisses that could be the spark that joggles all those memories to come flooding back to Jason.

Liz, oh, Liz, she finds herself back at Wyndemere being taken care of by her former flame Nikolas. Hmm, this does not bode well for Hayden aka Rachel. Yes, the mystery surrounding her true identity is starting to take shape, and when the revelation explodes, lives are expected to be blown away. I don’t think we’ll get the goods on who Hayden truly is until May sweeps, but perhaps the “GH” writers will prove us wrong and not keep us waiting too long for the truth.

Hayden already had to worry about Nikolas inquiring about her past, but now she will have to worry about Liz snooping around; I mean she did catch her nemesis trying to break into Nikolas safe. Hayden tell us, why is Helena’s will so important to you? I must say, Helena always gets the last laugh and I expect her to drop a bomb on Laura, Nikolas, Scott, Hayden and the rest of those invited to hear her final wishes. I mean do we honestly think the great Helena Cassadine is indeed dead?

Love was in the air, and it appears Molly and TJ are looking to take the next leap, just as Kristina comes to grips with her sexuality. Yes, the revelation that her professor Parker is actually a girl and not a guy floored me. It becomes apparent people are starting to suspect Kristina is keeping a secret, and no one pointed that out quicker than her sister Molly. The big question everyone will be wondering is just how Sonny and Alexis will respond to Kristina’s bombshell.

Speaking of Alexis she and Julian were planning to exchange vows, but no wedding and I mean no wedding in Port Charles goes off without a hitch and when gunfire erupted, oh, things were not pretty. Alexis seems to have a thing for mobsters, perhaps she should consider dating someone in the legal arena.

While the narrative hasn’t picked up as much on the Paul Hornsby storyline I have a feeling that we’re moving things along as Anna, Robert and Andre are getting closer to obtaining the information that will allow them to unearth the big secret that Paul wants no one to know, even his bed buddy Ava Jerome. “General Hospital” shakes things up for February sweeps, and it looks like the biggest mystery of them all involving Hayden aka Rachel is starting to poke at me.