HOLLYWOOD—After last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” quite frankly I wasn’t sure if I would be able to survive emotionally. Thankfully, after the bloodbath of the Anderson family, the latest episode of the series, ‘The Next World’ pumped the breaks on the mayhem a bit for the residents in Alexandria. Looks like we’ve fast-forwarded a few weeks in time, maybe a smart decision to prevent the famed characters we love from enduring such emotional turmoil.

Rick, Michonne, Denise, Daryl, Carl and the rest of the gang appear to be adjusting well to the new Alexandria. So much to the point that Daryl and Rick are on a run to gather supplies; yes the dynamic duo are back to working side-by-side again. The first stop on the road trip was to the sorghum shop, where boatloads of supplies were waiting inside a truck.

They were later startled to come across a stranger looking to capture the same supplies they were after. He alerted Rick and Daryl that a ‘crew’ is after the same supplies as them and time is of the essence. Looks like Paul might be an ally, but time will indeed tell if that holds true. The guys deciding to take their eyes off the prize, led to them losing valuables the community desperately needed.

Looks like Spencer is still struggling with killing, as Michonne came to dispatch a walker. Alright Spence, you’re going to have to develop some courage if you want to survive in this new world. I must admit seeing Carl re-bond with Edith after such a terrible tragedy was a nice moment in the episode, but the duo came across a walker. She wanted to kill it, while Carl wanted to protect the enemy. Ok, this worries me, just precisely what is our youngster dealing with?

Carl and Rick managed to break into that large steel black box, which was nothing more than a vending machine. Go figure. They continued to follow the tire tracks, catching up with Jesus, who put up one hell of a fight, this guy is not a novice to say the least people. It became apparent that it was do or die for Jesus, who found himself tied on the side of the road, as the valuables came back into their possession.

That Jesus, he looks like a threat that will not go away easy, and Daryl almost met his maker, but Jesus saved him, right as the truck load of supplies to dive right into the lake. All that work and for NOTHING! Michonne and Spencer were stunned to see that Deanna has indeed transformed into a walker.

My gut told me Michonne would not be able to take out the woman who changed her life, but to see Spencer kill his mother was slightly difficult to watch. A guy, who lost so much, had to put the nail in the coffin to close the chapter in his book regarding his family. It was a sweet moment between Michonne and Spencer, hmm, could we she a romance brewing?

Rick and Daryl made their way back to the camp, with Jesus in tow. Rick has indeed become a bit soft; this is a guy a few weeks ago would have taken out a threat without a second thought. Michonne acknowledged Carl’s ability to draw Deanna out to be seen. She warned her pal about taking dangerous risks; looks like the dynamics of our characters are indeed changing after such a shocking event. Now I’m starting to suspect a possible love triangle could be emerging between Spencer, Michonne and Rick.

Well the final moments of the episode sure confirmed that love is in the air as Michonne and Rick shared quite a few kisses on the couch, and things got hot and heavy. I mean, I pegged the episode heading in this direction during the first few moments, but WOW, Rick and Michonne slept together! The blissful moment was interrupted when Jesus made his presence known in Alexandria. What the hell, is there anything this guy can’t escape from? We should coin the new couple ‘Richonne’ right now!

I think we know Paul aka Jesus is a member of Negan’s clan, doom is indeed coming. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” enthusiasts!