HELLO AMERICA!—Ever since the beginning of filmdom, leading men and women dreaded one reality and that was and still is AGE. Hollywood star, George Clooney is no different. Now at the age of 56, he realizes that the characters he is known to bring to life in a very exciting way is a bit behind him. The days of when the leading man gets the girl are over, as far as George is concern.

Sean Connery, the first “James Bond” character, doesn’t hesitate in letting you know that when you get over 50, it’s best to face who you really are as an actor; especially when you have spent most of your career being recognized in a certain way, an action character such as Bond. Production companies quickly note that the golden days of the Cary Grant, Allan Ladd, Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole, Gary Cooper or even Glenn Ford are gone forever.

We are reminded that Dame Judith Anderson played “Hamlet” at UCLA when she was in her 70s and the audience believed every word spoken. Graduate student, Dan Sheehy noted that it’s all relative. If you genuinely believe that you can deliver what a character demands that in itself gives you the power to succeed.  “My parents saw Miss Anderson’s performance and they were struck by her ability being able to play a male character on stage. They totally forgot they were watching a woman her age playing such a demanding male character. She took the audience by the hand and they danced together until the last moments of the play.”

George Clooney happens to be one of the best liked and respected actors in the entertainment industry. His production company housed at Warner Bros. has an open door policy for those of creative ideas, ones which shout to be shaped and developed into something special as a film project. The actor quickly lets you know that he has accepted who he is as an older man and actor and where it places him on the list of box office draw.

Clooney quickly informs that he doesn’t need the money anymore for survival. His net worth is over a billion dollars which makes him feel quite comfortable experiencing with new projects and ideas.

He claims at this point in his life he is a very happy man. He is married to a woman he adores who gave him two beautiful children. Without a doubt he is a very fortunate man who has been totally blessed.  To George, having everything good in one’s life only makes him understand that things can become even better by opening doors for those who deserve a good turn of life as well.