Tag: George Clooney

“ER” Actress Vanessa Marquez Killed By Police

PASADENA—Actress Vanessa Marquez, 49, known for her reoccurring role as Nurse Wendy Goldman on the NBC series "ER" was shot and killed during a...

George Clooney Involved In Wreck

HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, June 11, actor George Clooney was involved in a scooter accident in Sardinia. The 57-year old was reportedly traveling at 60 mph...

George Clooney Accepts Being Who He Is

HELLO AMERICA!—Ever since the beginning of filmdom, leading men and women dreaded one reality and that was and still is AGE. Hollywood star, George...

George Clooney Keeps Real Hollywood Alive

HELLO AMERICA!—Without a doubt, George Clooney is one of the stars who adds so much to the Hollywood many of us grew up applauding and genuinely loved...

“Money Monster” Is Gripping, Plenty Of Fun

HOLLYWOOD—I talk about this year after year: where are all the good adult movies! No, I’m not referring to all the Oscar bait that...

“Tomorrowland” Is Imaginative Fun

HOLLYWOOD—Hmmm, when I first heard about the movie “Tomorrowland” I did my best to categorize the flick. Was it an action movie, a sci-fi...
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