HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, June 11, actor George Clooney was involved in a scooter accident in Sardinia. The 57-year old was reportedly traveling at 60 mph when he was struck by a Mercedes driven by Antonelli Viglino. The impact from the collision caused Clooney to be ejected from the scooter and thrown nearly 20 feet in the air.

Clooney was taken to the hospital after the wreck where he was evaluated and released with non-life threatening injuries.

People Magazine was able to get a statement from George Clooney’s reps stating, “He is recovering at home and will be fine.” Clooney was wearing a helmet at the time of the incident which protected him when he collided with the other vehicle’s windshield.

The video of George’s accident surfaced on Wednesday, July 12, showing the collision and Clooney being ejected from the scooter. The video was captured via a surveillance camera in the area.

The actor moved with his wife, Amal Clooney and kids to Sardinia for the summer to direct a the Hulu series called “Catch-22.”

The driver of the Mercedes, Antonelli, a plumbing and heating engineer commented to il Giornale Chronicle, “I did not see anything I had the sun on my eyes.” Clooney was involved in a motorcycle accident in September 2007 with girlfriend Sarah Larson in New Jersey after his bike was struck by a car. Clooney has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, winning twice for Best Supporting Actor for “Syriana” and Best Picture for “Argo.”