CALIFORNIA— On November 19, Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson reported an ACL injury.

Thompson suffered torn right Achilles’ tendon confirmed through MRI. The injury will prevent him from playing in the upcoming 2020-2021 NBA basketball Season.

“What hurts the most is the time we put into our jobs and all the sacrifices we have to make. To do what we do and to do what he does. This is a guy who loves basketball he bleeds basketball” stated Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Meyers during press conference.

The injury occurred during a workout in Southern California.

Thompson hasn’t played in a game since June 2019 against the Toronto Raptors in game 6 for NBA finales. During the third quarter Thompson was escorted off floor with help of teammates and Warriors organization due to torn ACL.

“ Klay is going to keep playing basketball but when it gets disrupted for an athlete of his caliber it hurts and hurts us that care about him” said Meyers.

Playing the guard position Thompson averaged 21.5 points, 3.8 rebounds, 2.4 assist, and shooting better than 40% behind the ark.

“We will move on and we will be okay and he will be okay. Klay’s been here since day one and we’ve been watching his journey and watching his growth” stated  Meyers

Thompson is going to have to undergo another surgery with this injury.

“I have confidence in our players, I have confidence in our coaches, I have confidence in our ownership, but to be truthful this hurts to me and hurts to our organization” closed Meyers.