UNITED STATES—Capitalism, I know it’s a difficult word for many people to fully grasp, but how can I put this in the simplest terms: it’s all about making MONEY! Capitalism is at the forefront which drives much of the behavior for so many Americans in the economic universe. Business and the economy is run by private owners who look to profit in the midst of workers and selling products. There is no advantage for anyone sitting here and argue what is a fact to all its certainty.

The American government doesn’t play a big role in driving the economy; it’s the owners of various businesses that do so and because of that we are put into situations, where we have a minimum wage that is laughable at best in terms of federal standards. Do I ever suspect a point where the American government will get involved? No. It just seems foreign to them that capitalism while a driving force for this country is also destroying the country at the same time.

We’ve all heard the saying the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. We will all learn that soon enough as this so called ‘tax bill’ is aimed to benefit the middle class. I swear I’m so sick of the focus ONLY being on the middle class. There are other individuals in this country. What about the lower class, those living in poverty or slightly above poverty, why isn’t the government concerned about their wellbeing and a goal of helping them to live a vibrant life.

Where does that start? The minimum wage, putting more money into the pockets of Americans! If I hear one more politician argue that $7.25 an hour is enough to survive I’m going to task them with living on that wage for an entire year and show to me they can keep a roof over their head, pay the utilities, put food on the table, pay for transportation, childcare and having spending change. Um, it ain’t going to happen, but go ahead prove me wrong (you’ll never see a politician do such a thing because they’re full of you know what).

We are seeing more companies bring business to the United States; however, we are still seeing a large chunk of companies outsource their jobs to those overseas. It’s disturbing to know people make even less than us overseas and companies can sleep at night knowing they aren’t paying an honest wage. That is what disturbs me the most about capitalism. It’s a movement for greed and power. Money is a weapon and can be used a variety of ways for people to get the things they want.

For those who are in unions, the notion of a strike is held over their held if they don’t concede to the company demands, and when you sign the contract, the bonus you receive is so pathetic the fact that these titans of the company puff out their chests as if they have actually done something is laughable. Yeah, you’re a company that made let’s say a billion dollar profit, but the most you can give your employees that helped you continue to stay in the echelon of the upper 1 percent is a few hundred dollars or a thousand dollars at most. Yeah, talking to you auto companies and many of you well know movie studios. Take a good hard look in the mirror are you happy with yourselves can you sleep good at night knowing your employees are in essence slaves for you to make you richer to live the luxurious lifestyle that you have become accustomed to?

Most can, but that’s a result of capitalism, there really isn’t a negative against it. Or as some would say, not many are held to a standard to do more for those they employ. Capitalism does help business, but having little regulation in the world of business is the reason you see so much disparity in the economy. You can’t bridge the pay gap until you address the problem at hand, and we already know the American government isn’t going to do much to change that because then it impacts their pockets.