HOLLYWOOD—Only two more episodes remain before the latest season of Tyler Perry’s guilty pleasure “The Haves and the Have Nots” wraps up its season. Things ramped up last week, but skyrocketed with absolute terror and chaos in this week’s episode, ‘A New Leaf.’ Last week Justin found himself in a bind, after he was attacked in his prison cell by Veronica’s goons and raped. Things are not looking good for Justin to say the least.

Jim learned that Veronica Harrington opened the Cryer Company account in Jim’s name, which left him reeling, as he discovered Candace Young was listed on the account. Hanna was a nervous mess, as Katheryn warned her that her husband was in a rage, and might be headed in her direction. Jim showed up, just as expected, and Benny and Hanna went to war with Jim. Mr. Cryer traded spars and revealed that Candace was responsible for creating the Cryer Co. Jim was being quite disrespectful to say the least, as Hanna tried to be as patient as possible, before unleashing Benny to delivering a pummel on Jim. Benny put a ferocious beating on Jim; one that I admit was long deserved, before Benny dragged him out the home. Now this is the side of Hanna, I’ve been eager to see for years America. Katheryn arrived just as Jim was delivered the ass-kicking he deserved.

Back in the jail cell, Justin was found unconscious just as officers discovered his lifeless body. Broderick was worried sick about being deported, as Rocky did his best to convince his pal not to run. Rocky and Broderick was stunned to receive a visit from Katheryn who inquired about their strange behavior. Broderick started to spill the tea, and Katheryn admitted she can help him with his dicey situation.

Hanna reached out to Candace, but got her voicemail. RK alerted Candace that the authorities are after her. The FBI interrogated Veronica about her role in Erica’s death and the bomb that nearly killed David. Looks like the Ice Queen might have met her match, and it was fabulous television to see this woman squirm for once America. The sins of the past eventually come to light Veronica, even if you don’t expect it. Veronica contacted David to alert him that she was arrested by the FBI for the bomb she orchestrated to murder David.

David learned about Veronica’s young lover, who found himself getting tossed out of Veronica’s home. It looks like Candace Young is taking precedence over Veronica Harrington. Hmm, it will indeed be hilarious to see the egg that is placed on the face of Scott as his little plan blows up in his face. Wyatt contacted Jeffery who was well aware his pal was high, just as Wyatt threatened he was going to take action against his parents, and kill himself in the process.

Jeffery received a call learning that Justin was in grave condition, but after lying about his connection to Justin, he learned the situation was quite serious to say the least. Jim returned home and Wyatt noticed his father was beat up pretty bad. Jim called his son out on his antics, just as Wyatt made threats. Jim received a call from Scott who wanted his assistance to take down Candace Young. Jim received a call from Candace learning that she was wiring his money back to him.

Charles was alerted by his staff that the story about Candace is starting to spread, and action has to be taken. Just as Candace was about to transfer that money, Charles entered the room and turned on the TV to showcase the news about Candace and her dark past. Candace didn’t look too happy. A distressed Veronica confessed to David that she wanted Jeffery committed because of his sexuality. Veronica continued to push David’s buttons; dropping the BOMB that David was NOT Jeffery’s father. She admitted to having an affair while married to David with his colleague.

Wow, Veronica really found a way to get underneath her hubby’s skin; he was livid, and I think she was telling the truth once and for all. He made his move, alerting his wife that he wanted to be close to her so that he could kill her. He grabbed hold of her and dragged her into the pool, as he drowned her in the water. Ok, am I supposed to believe that the Ice Queen aka Veronica Harrington is dead? It certainly seems like it and she crossed David for the final time.

Next week marks the penultimate episode of “The Haves and the Have Nots” with news about Candace spreading, David confessing his sins, Jim working with the Attorney General to take down Candace and utter hell breaking loose. Just when we thought Candace was about to turn over a ‘New Leaf’ I think we’re about to see such a dark side of Candace that NO ONE is prepared for. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!