SHERMAN OAKS—San Fernando Valley State Senator Bob Hertzberg is scheduled to appear at a Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association meeting on Wednesday, June 19 at 6:15 p.m. The meeting with the Homeowners Association is to discuss the contested State Bill 50 which would have permitted more housing near mass transit and single-family home areas.

Hertzberg will be discussing the housing issues in California at 7:15 p.m. The Homeowners Association meeting will be free for the public to attend and will be held at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks.

The Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association organized its own campaign against Senate Bill 50, which is a bill that would allow four-story and five-story apartment buildings to be built within a walking distance of public transit areas. The goal would be to increase the housing supply and to help ease the state’s housing crisis. Apartments placed near public transit areas would be done to reduce the dependency on cars which would lead to an environmentally friendly impact.

According to the Department of City Planning, this project would most likely effect single-family homes in Sherman Oaks and Bel Air areas where two-thirds of developable lands could be eligible for dense development. The Los Angeles City Council argued that SB 50 would destroy local neighborhoods. Under SB 50 developers would be able to abandon local planning rules, like developing buildings that tower over single-family homes. The buildings can include limited to no parking for tenants, limited to no space for trees, and no regulations for design standards. All developers are required to do is include a few affordable units into the buildings.

Back in April, Hertzberg spoke against the SB 50 bill when it passed through the state senate Governance and Finance Committee.

“The city of Los Angeles is so different the way it’s built up and the geography and how it has over 120 different distinct communities, and they’re trying to turn it into Houston, Texas. I think homeownership is the essence of the American dream,” said Hertzberg to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Canyon News attempted to contact both Senator Hertzberg and Mayor Eric Garcetti for comment, but did not hear back from them before print.