HOLLYWOOD─My Tuesday night guilty pleasure is finally back TV lovers! I’m referring to Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” It seemed like months since we last talked about the chaos that unfolded and it was a lot. The season premiere episode, ‘Are You Happy?’ picked up where things left off with that epic cliffhanger, where Wyatt shot his parents, and then found himself shot by the police.

Hmm, looks like Wyatt might have been shot with a stun gun, just as George panicked with the thought of Jim and Katheryn being dead. Whoa, Wyatt confessed to shooting Amanda? Are we finally getting the reveal to that hint that was dropped seasons ago where the district attorney’s office hinted that Amanda didn’t commit suicide, but was murdered? As officers combed the property, they discovered Jim and Katheryn’s lifeless bodies.

The Ice Queen, Veronica Harrington arrived at her home thinking all of her worries were over. Oh, the delusion of this woman thinking that David and Jeffery are dead is laughable. I cannot wait till she discovers they are very much alive. That bomb dropped a lot sooner than later, and she learned that her ‘thugs’ were outnumbered by David and company, and the Ice Queen may have crossed a line that she shouldn’t have! Back at David’s place, we discover that Jeffery and David are very much alive, but Veronica’s flunkies not so much.

David and Jeffery were well aware Veronica put a hit out on their lives. Jeffery wanted to run away, but David was out for blood more than ever. Candace was opening old wounds watching Charles on TV. Mother and daughter continued to bond over her behavior, and how Derrick, the father she just learned about might be the reason her wicked ways were so present. You can tell Hanna doesn’t want Candace to chat with Derrick, but now that the door has been opened, it is impossible to close it.

Charles was grappling with guilt over having to throw Candace under the bus. Landon decided to visit Charles face-to-face, but Oliver stood in his way. Landon pleaded for his job, as Charles started to read him the riot act. Looks like a bit of reverse psychology that Charles is using against Landon. This is uncomfortable, but funny as hell to watch. Landon is squirming left and right. Charles issued a threat that he planned to destroy Landon’s career and life as a result of Candace’s truth coming out.

Landon looks like he’s going to war with Oliver to get his position back as Charles’ #1. Justin seemed to be building a bond with Madison. Justin seemed ready to take his own life, to take himself out of his misery, and Madison showed a bit of compassion along the way. Madison’s day got worse when Veronica showed her face yet again at the hospital. The constant barbs this woman dishes is laughable. Randy and Tyrone are dead, and threats were made that people might start talking if she doesn’t take care of those who worked on her behalf.

Veronica wanted her pal to take out Justin, but Madison interrupted the festivities saving Justin’s life. I am desperately waiting for the moment that the Ice Queen takes a massive tumble, one where she never recovers. Benny was awakened in the middle of the night by Mitch wanting to hang out, once again, Mitch wanted Candace to be part of the festivities. This is interesting Celine is back in the flesh. She works at the hospital, and Veronica interrupted the Cryer’s former maid.

Veronica is sticking her head where it doesn’t belong to try to get invested in Celine’s personal life to go after Jim Cryer. Not a smart idea to say the least. Benny offered an invitation to Candace to hang out, but she declined. The episode culminated with Benny and Candace learning about the shooting at the Cryer mansion, and it looks like one of Jim or Katheryn might be dead. The tease for this upcoming season looks thrilling and I cannot wait to see what unfolds next week. ‘Temptation Tuesday’ is back! BONUS: the announcement was made that “If Loving You is Wrong” is also coming back! Until next week “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!