STUDIO CITY─With all the emergency evacuations we shouldn’t ignore the advice to “Be Prepared.” But, I thought, “What about my helpless pet?”

I changed my dog’s ID tags. I used to have just phone numbers on them, but with the Mandeville Canyon Fire cell service was out, and lots of people were evacuated for days. So, I’ve added my home address to my dog’s tags. My thought is that if someone found him and knew where he lived, they’d be more comfortable giving him shelter for a few days. Or if things were not too crazy they could leave him in my front yard which has a gate. This has an added bonus cuz it also covers the situation when my dog might bolt, we can be reunited.

I’ve also prepped a “Go Bag” for my pet. You can also pay attention to dog backpacks – I did some research online and found some perfect options!

I have a neighbor who has a million cats and buys those big yellow cat litter buckets, or a bucket with a lid from Home Depot is good. They are the right size and weather proof.

Either is perfect for:

An extra leash & collar; poop bags; treats; food; meds… I mentally went through my dog’s daily routine to made sure I had everything he’d need for four days in the “Go Bag/bucket” so I could just grab it and my dog. I had to think about modifying his diet so that I could provide the food I thought I might get him to eat. So, I bought meals that come in portions (cans or containers) which are ready to serve.

I also made an information sheet for his emergency bucket – laminated of course. It has all our names and addresses. The name and address of our doggie day care and vet, along with a note saying that I would pay any bill in the event my dog gets dropped off, along with my pet insurance information as well. I gave the daycare and vet a copy of this sheet.

It also put on his information sheet what my dog loves and hates, and his feeding/walking/sleeping habits; what scares the pants off him and what comforts him.

In an emergency you don’t have to the time to get this together when you hear LAPD/LAFD over a loudspeaker telling you need to leave NOW.