HOLLYWOOD─It was time for the mid-season finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” and man did this episode deliver hints to what is to come for the rest of the season. Things kicked off on this week’s episode, ‘Bananas Foster,’ where last week left off with Wyatt slitting both of his wrists, Katheryn begged for her son to fight for his life. Wyatt spoke his truth about the torment he endured at the hands of a priest and his parents being annoyed by him over petty stuff. I cannot believe I’m admitting this; I actually feel sorry for Wyatt. He passed out, as Katheryn broke in tears. Where the hell is the guard?

Back at the hospital, Jim was putting a plan together to take out Veronica Harrington. He wanted her dead, but wanted things to look like an accident. Hmm, I wonder if Jim’s antics will backfire and Veronica points the finger at David. Jim had a conversation with Kyle about their little arrangement. Kyle considered his protégé might know who leaked the goods on Candace, as he was warned to be wary of Jim Cryer.

Benny dropped a bomb on Mitch showing off his new tow truck, which took him by surprise, but it looks like the two are aiming to get out of the street business and go legit. Candace pulled up with a new vehicle of her own as well, but she delivered the keys to Mitch. The Vixen has really turned over a new leaf, and I was happy to see Mitch no longer drive that beat up vehicle.

Benny and Candace arrived at Hanna’s home, but the wise one was not pleased to say the least. She preached to her children about how the sins of their past could come back and haunt them. Mitch got intertwined into the drama and news was delivered that they are safe, but Hanna was livid people. She tossed both of her children out of her house, and made it clear if they stepped foot in her home she would have them arrested. Candace seemed afflicted by her mother’s reaction, Benny not so much.

David did his best to sneak into the home to not disturb Jeffery. Hmm, we know this all pertains to having that awkward conversation about what he witnessed with Madison and his son. Finally, David confessed what he was truly feeling and it was bonding moment between father-and-son. Jeffery learned that security is following him as a precaution to prevent Veronica from making her next move. David alluded to the possibility that Veronica’s life as we know it might come to an end.

Kyle alerted his protégé that the newly appointed Attorney General might be gunning to take him down and to have all of his secrets exposed. Wow, it looks like Kyle is aiming to have Candace killed to protect his identity from being exposed. Now things are getting damn juicy people, damn juicy. Veronica had her new maid pick up her dry cleaners, which means she is setting this girl up to take her fall people. Veronica received a visit from Rodell. He alerted her that she was in major danger, which forced the Ice Queen to think David is after her.

Veronica does seem to like sleeping with her clients, even the worst of the worst. Mrs. Harrington was warned, but she didn’t seem the least worried. Madison and Jeffery had their first date, where Madison proved funnier than I ever expected. We came face-to-face with Lauren and her lover, who are aiming to pull one over on Veronica. Oh, I thought this woman was just stupid, but she’s planning to pull a con on the Ice Queen of all people.

However, I am too baffled as to why nothing explosive has taken place just yet. With only minutes left in the episode, Candace and Benny chatted about their predicament with their mother. Benny wanted to do a search on Derrick, and discovered that he was arrested for rape and Benny connected the dots. He realized that Derrick is Candace’s father! I totally forgot about Derrick, but I was expecting more mayhem in this episode.

Perhaps the second half of the season will deliver those fireworks. While “The Haves and the Have Nots” have commenced for now, it returns in the fall, until then my next biggest guilty pleasure “If Loving You is Wrong” returns on March 31. It seems like a year, and I am super eager for this series to return.