HOLLYWOOD─This was a fun episode, as ‘Evil Offspring’ on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” kicked off with Candace focused on her search for Benny thru Mitch’s family. She learned from his cousin that some chaos was going down, and when Mitch wanted muscle to join him at the club, it became apparent that Jim’s plan to kidnap Benny was in full force.

Derrick decided to go toe-to-toe with Veronica who continued to make her wicked threats. He decided to deliver threats of his own, which makes me question rather this is a prediction of a potential fate for the Ice Queen this season. Jeffery and David arrived at the hospital looking for information on Jim’s condition.

Charles had a chat with a senator warning him that Candace could have cost him everything. Yeah, that senator was in town not just to warn Charles, but to angle a position as a Secretary of State for the President’s cabinet. Looks like this senator is keeping a child from his past from hitting the public sphere; what the hell? This guy is literally telling Charles to do bad things, but keep them under wraps. Ok, Mr. Perry this subplot was completely pointless.

Benny as predicted was being held hostage in a desolate home, and came face-to-face with a man who wanted to get his hands on Jim’s money. Benny alerted his captor that Jim was ‘dead,’ but that confirmation was not received 100 percent. David was surprised to come face-to-face with Celine who alerted him that she works at the hospital. It is amazing David doesn’t see what everyone else sees: he is Jim’s puppet!

Celine was not stunned to learn that Wyatt was culpable in Jim’s shooting. Madison extended a good gesture to Jeffery who was on edge with all the mayhem that unfolded in the night. The two joked about Justin, as Madison posed the notion that Jeffery might still be into Justin. Leading to more drama was witnessing Kathryn thrown into the slammer where she received an electronic shock. Veronica made her presence known, looking for Quita Maxwell, and Kathryn issued that threat about Jennifer Sallison being murdered by her former BFF.

Veronica taunted Kathryn, as she made it clear that her son is not perfect, and when Veronica refused to help the matriarch known as Kathryn Cryer lines were drawn. Kathryn made threats regarding all the dirt she has on the Ice Queen. The banter between these two ladies was hilarious, but something tells me all these enemies Veronica is making will be vital to her downfall very soon.

When Mitch touted his family name, the strip club owner got worried sick. The stripper remained quiet, but Candace returned to her dark side, when the stripper played games. Candace put a beating on the stripper to get the information she wanted, but as Mitch made threats, the owner opened his mouth and sung like a canary. That was a fun scene to witness, after that dragger involving Charles.

Hanna came back home searching for Benny to no avail, and she started to worry. Hanna informed Marty that Kathryn needs his assistance for the murder of Jennifer Sallison. He planned to pull some strings for his client, just as Hanna was livid to hear from Derrick. He tried to plead his case, but she wanted nothing to do with the guy and rightfully so people.

Quita pegged that Veronica was scared of what might transpire now that the feds are onto her. Those people closet to Real are plotting the Ice Queen’s fall from the top and oh I’m living for it. Quita continued to joke and it was apparent Veronica was nervous. Oh, this is delicious TV people! She poked fun at Quita’s writing, calling it ratchet. So much for Justin leaving the hospital, he returned back to hospital to seek assistance. Jeffery and Madison came face-to-face with Justin and the looks between these three: talk about a complicated love triangle people.

Wyatt was placed in a slammer across from his mother, who issued a major threat: he would pay for his latest stunt. Yes, Wyatt alluded that Jim was dead which shook Kathryn. Next week, the audience might finally learn on where Jim stands, more veiled threats are headed in Veronica’s direction, and Candace might be edging closer back to her dark side. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “The Haves and the Have Nots” diehards!