HOLLYWOOD—Last week, the bomb of bombs was dropped on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” when Hanna learned that Jim Cryer was behind his attack that nearly killed her son. Oh, Hanna was livid and wanted revenge, and this week’s episode, ‘From the Seventies’ set the stage for what is certain to be an epic battle.

Mitch looked like a deer in headlights when Hanna asked for confirmation. Benny and Mitch were concerned about Hanna’s next move, which concerned me as well. David put things in place to ensure Justin learned a valuable lesson: not to mess around with his son. When Jeffery learned what Madison did he was none too pleased.

Jeffery was afraid to confess the truth to David, who informed his son that the situation with Justin is not normal. Jeffery was concerned about what David might do to Justin. So much for that love affair between Madison and Jeffery. Leslie was concerned to see Justin at his workplace, and did his best to steer clear of the cop, but had little luck.

Justin utilized a bit of blackmail to get what he wanted, but Leslie wasn’t willing to budge. Justin made good on his threat, which worried Leslie. He was forced to play by Justin’s rules, and things got fun with Veronica’s arrival. He was furious to see her; and Veronica did her best to push Justin’s buttons. When Veronica spilled about charges Justin could face for assaulting Wyatt, he was speechless. Add on to the fact that Leslie spilled what Justin did to him, which Veronica used as more ammunition against her enemy. Looks like Justin’s antics are about to come back to haunt him.

Leslie seemed to be warming up to Veronica who apologized for her actions, just as Katheryn spotted her enemy and was out for blood. The two friends turned foes traded spars. Looks like Katheryn is well aware that Veronica is responsible for that car bombing that injured David. Yeah, it looks like Veronica is scared of Katheryn, just as our matriarch’s curiosity was peaked about the constant visits by President Elect Charles Fredericks visiting her establishment.

Speaking of Charles, he had a conversation with Landon about his behavior the other night. Charles asked Landon if he was attracted to him, and Landon did not deny it. However, Charles made it clear he has no interest in him at all. Madison attempted to make nice with Jeffery, but Jeffery refused to acknowledge what Madison was saying: he was in love with Justin! That might very well be true people.

Back at the police station, Wyatt found himself being interrogated by George rather he’s willing to testify against his parents. Wyatt was scared; that is what it boiled down to. Jim wanted answers from George about Wyatt who is being held in police custody for drug possession. Jim realized that that George set him up. George made threats to arrest Jim and Katheryn, hopefully he can toss David and Veronica in that mix also.

Let’s get to the good stuff. Hanna dropped by Katheryn’s home looking for Jim, but no one was at home. Things got tense when Candace stopped by. Mother and daughter were surprised to see each other. These two can’t even sit in the same room together. When Jim learned that both Hanna and Candace were at his home, he wanted them to patiently wait until his arrival. Justin was surprised to receive flowers from Jeffery. However, he found himself in a bit of a situation, as he was attacked by three guys courtesy of David Harrington. There will indeed be major repercussions because of this attack.

Next week looks salacious with Katheryn continuing her sexcapades, Wyatt is pressured to tell the truth, Veronica learns  that David has the upper hand and Hanna finally delivering a slap to Jim Cryer’s face. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!