HOLLYWOOD─Is he or isn’t he? That is the question fans have wanted to know since that cliffhanger of a finale on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” It has dragged, but audience’s finally got their answer on this week’s episode, ‘Jimmy Crack Corn’ about the fate of Jim Cryer. The audience got to see more chaos between Wyatt and Katheryn as she attempted to understand why he tried to murder them.

It seems like the sins of the past have come back to haunt the titans who have sat atop their pedestal for years. Wyatt continued to poke at his mother, and even brought up Amanda, which started to unravel the matriarch. Her speech about power should have sent chills down Wyatt’s spine, but it will in due time. Back at the hospital, David and Celine learned that Jim survived that shooting. So much for all that suspense forcing the audience to think Jim was dead and dammit David take a seat; stop acting like Jim’s lackey.

Benny was not looking his best, just as he learned from his captor that Jim is still very much alive. Mitch and Candace broke the news to Hanna that Benny is still missing. She shared Intel that Jim Cryer had her son kidnapped. Benny made the call to alert his mom that he is ok, and asked to speak to Candace in order to get his $8 million back. Mitch warned Candace not to deliver that money, and Hanna was reacting too quickly and might make a mistake. So now it’s time for Hanna to be schooled on how the street game works versus book smarts.

In order to get answers, Candace decided to pay a visit to Jim in the hospital to learn exactly where her brother is being held against his will. Mitch, Candace and Hanna were all headed to the hospital to talk to Jim. David warned Jeffery not to talk to the police, but Jeffery is boiling with blood to get revenge on his mother. Looks like Madison and Jeffery are getting closer, just as Justin watched from a distance. David spotted Justin and threats were made between the two.

The tension between David, Justin, Madison and Jeffery is certainly going to explode in due time people. Looks like Oliver is doing all in his power to get closer to Charles, who still seems focused on Candace and how Landon can help change things around. Landon presented Charles with a story to turn things around on the perception of Candace. Landon is indeed good at his job and spilled the news that the AG was after Candace because he robbed her. David is such a prude and pulled strings to get Celine fired.

Jim didn’t seem too injured as he joked about being shot by his son. David played the job of lackey per usual, what is it about this guy, where he does not seem to realize that he needs to focus on Veronica and what she has planned for her. David learned that the AG is going to take the case from George, the District Attorney. Landon and Oliver were both working overtime to prove their allegiance to Charles. Threats were made between the two colleagues, as Veronica received a visit from George digging for Intel about what the Ice Queen knows about Jennifer’s murder.

Veronica laughed when she learned Jeffery snitched to the authorities about her sending thugs to murder him. George was willing to offer a deal to Veronica for info on Jennifer, and spilled tea that Jennifer slept with David. She refused to play ball, and I sense it’s because she knows her dirty little secrets will come to light. Stereotypes were thrown around that were slightly hilarious, but made my skin crawl. Can someone please explain to me why we are still dealing with this storyline with Charles and this senator? I’m bored already.

At the hospital, Mitch, Hanna and Candace all paid Jim a visit, but he had a security guard standing in the way, Jim used his clout to make things happen. It always helps to have muscle people. Candace slapped the mess out of Jim to learn about the whereabouts of Benny, and Hanna made it crystal clear that she was not messing around. Candace threw a few thorns at the fact about Wyatt, and Jim made it crystal clear that he was the person responsible for Quincy Jr.’s murder.

Jim was pushing buttons that had the skin on Hanna and Candace boiling over and not in the best way. Jim issued a threat to take Benny out. Whoa, this chaos is turning just downright dirty and I literally cannot and I mean cannot wait until next week. Jim is back to his wicked self, Veronica stages a scene and it looks like Candace is about to cross back to the dark side. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!